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Bac Ninh Province - Natural Conditions, Development Resources and Infrastructures


- Geographical location: Bac Ninh, a province of the northern lowland, lies on the Red River Delta and NKER, and borders Bac Giang Province to the north, Hung Yen Province to the south, Hai Duong Province to the east, and Hanoi to the west.


- Natural area: 822.7km2


- Climate: Bac Ninh is located in a tropical monsoon region. Average annual temperature is 230 C, average annual rainfall is 1,400-1,600mm, average annual sunshine is 1,530-1,776 hours, relative humidity is 79%.


- Topography: Bac Ninh has a rather even and flat terrain, mainly sloping from north to south and west to east, causing currents to flow down into Duong River and Thai Binh River. The terrain odds is not much; field areas are 3-7m high and hill and mountain areas are 300-400m high above sea level. Its hills and mountains only make up 0, 53% of its natural area mainly in 2 districts of Que Vo and Tien Du. Besides, there are shallow depressions along dykes under districts of Gia Binh, Luong Tai, Que Vo, and Yen Phong.


- Administrative units: Bac Ninh has 8 districts and towns: Bac Ninh City, Tu Son Town, and districts of Gia Binh, Luong Tai, Que Vo, Thuan Thanh, Tien Du, and Yen Phong.



Population: 1,015,000


Population density: 1,234 persons/ km2


Labor force: some 600,000 persons


Natural resources:

Minerals resources: Major materials resources to manufacture construction materials comprise clay for brick and tile, fire-resistant brick, rock, sand, peat at deposit of 60,000-200,000tons.


Humanity and tourist resources: Bac Ninh has potential for rich and national-highlighted culture and is home to excellent art and culture such as lyrical quan ho singing, and well known Dong Ho Paintings.


Bac Ninh has as many as 120 handicraft villages, 62 of which are traditional ones such as copper casting (Dai Bai-Gia Binh), iron and steel (Da Hoi-Tu Son), wooden product (Dong Ky-Kim Son). They have been upper hands and potentialities to contribute much to Bac Ninh’s economic development.



Transport system: Bac Ninh’s a full-scale transport network constitute roadway, waterway, and railway, creating a seasonable transport system for home and foreign economic trade.


- Roadway: The province has over 3,906.8km of road, 104.8km of which is from 4 routes of national roads of No1 (old and new routes), No18, and No38,  251km from routes of rovincial roads, 404km from district and urban areas, and some 3,147km from commune and hamlet roads.


- Waterway: Three big rivers flowing through Bac Ninh comprise the Cau River leaving 42km long, Thai Binh River 17km long, and Duong River 42km long. Besides, there are Dap Cau Port, and two special ports of the Cau River.


- Railway: A 20-km Hanoi-Langson Rail Route runs through Bac Ninh and 4 railway stations of Tu Son, Lim, Bac Ninh, and Thi Cau. A 39-km Yen Vien-Pha Lai Rail Route is planned to construct at districts of Tien Du, Tu Son, Que Vo, Bac Ninh City.


- Power supply: Power is stably supplied for production and domestic consumption. 120km of 110kV national grid; 249.3km of 35-kV electric lines; 3,700km of 0.4kV electric lines. All districts and cities have national grid and all of households use electricity.


Water supply: Water supply satisfies demands for consumption and production in areas of the city, towns, and IPs.


Communications: Modern communication network is synchronously built to provide investors with communications services, overseas and home swift delivery services.


Education and vocational training: Education and vocational training forms of levels are composed of 217 national-standardized schools. Aside from 7 colleges and universities, Bac Giang has 23 technical high and secondary vocational schools. The rate of trained labors accounts for 31.5%.


Health care: There are 16 hospitals, 7 of which are under a provincial level, 1 military hospital, 8 hospitals under a district-level, and 126 health stations.

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