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A summary of Kien Giang's economic development situation

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This sector showed rather obvious conversion: the effectiveness of land utilization was raised; ineffective ricefield land was conversed into aquaculture land; agriculture land was used in a more effective way; domestic animal structure was gradually conversed following the criterion “commodity production associated closely to the market”. In 2008, the rice output reached 3,387,234 tons, increased by 1,199,241 tons compared to 2001. Aquaculture was rather fast developed: in 2008 the cultivated area was 107,523 ha with an output of about 110,230 tons, increased by 2.9 times in terms of area and 6.5 times in terms of output compared with 2001; shrimp hatching area was 81,255 ha with an output of 28,601 tons, in which the area of industrialized and semi industrialized shrimp hatching area was 1,428 ha, mostly located in Long Xuyen Tetragon.



Building material production and agri-aquaculture product processing are the two important traditional industrial branches of the province. In 2008, the cement production output was over 4,605,000 tons, increased by 2 times compared with 2001. Many aquaculture product processing enterprises inside and outside the province were attracted to invest in Tac Cau Fishing Port. This port K now has the output of 114,764 tons and is equiped with modern technologies.


Trade - Service

The export markets were expanded. Export turn-over was quickly raised with rice and aquaculture products being the main commodities: in 2008, export turn-over reached US$ 491 million, increased by 4.5 times compared with 2001. The amount of tourists accelerated from 1,182,908 in 2001 to 3,450,000 in 2008. The number of tourist trade enterprises also considerably increased; many tourist projects have been being invested. The capacity of air, land and waterway transport was strenghthened both in terms of quantity and service quality.


Foreign and domestic investment attraction

+ Domestic investment: So far, in the whole province there are 403 investment projects with the scale of 19,844 ha and investment capital of 127,425 billion VND. In Phu Quoc only, there are 73 licensed projects being executed with total investment capital of 48,037 billion VND. Besides, there are still 288 projects on the waititng list with the scale of 14,368 ha and total investment capital of 29,000 billion VND.


+ Foreign investment: Up to December 2010, there are 21 valid licensed FDI projects of investor from 10 nations and territories (U.S.A, Switzerland, Malaysia, Australia, China, Italy, Iceland, Thailand, Taiwan and France) in Kien Giang Province with total registered investment capital of US$ 2,843,063,744; so far, the executing capital is US$ 473,577,103, accouting for 16.65% of the total registered capital.


Industrial Zones:

Kien Giang has 5 industrial zones (IP) belonging to the list of IPs approved by the Government to be established to 2015 and oriented to 2020 with a total area of 759 ha, including:


- Thuan Yen IP at Ha Tien Town (141ha): the Provincial People’s Committee has approved its detailed plan and assigned Thuan Yen Co., Ltd. to be the constructing investor and the dealer of its infrastructure with the total investment capital of 500 billion VND. The work of first-phase premise clearance and compensation was completed; an area of 113.15 ha was cleared with total compensation of 18 billion VND. At present, the Ips Management Boards is cooperated with HaTien Town’s Committee of Premise Clearance and Compensation to negotiate with the remaining households. In terms of infrastructure construction investment capital: the overall worth of investment capital is VND 26,528 billion, in which investment from the state budget is 18,828 billion VND (17,454 billion VND from Central Budget and 1,374 billion VND from Provincial Budget) and investment from the investor is 7,700 billion VND.


- Thanh Loc IP at Chau Thanh District (250 ha): With the agreement from the Provincial People’s Committee on readjusting the Thanh Loc IP Complex’s planning and forming the file on investing in the IP, The Infrastructure Development Company, who was assigned the investor by the Provincial People’s Committee, had completed the adjusting of the detailed planning and submit for the approval of the Provincial People’s Committee. At present, the company is planning the investment project for an area of 150 ha and the fisrt phase premise clearance and compensation solution for an area of 120 ha with the budget of 413 billion VND (in which 263.55 billion VND is expecting to be supported from the provincial budget to clear the premise, invest in infrastructure and settle loan interest). The work of settling compensation, clearing the premise and constructing infrastructure is scheduled to be implemented within two years, 2011 and 2012.


- The other IPs (Tac Cau IP at Chau Thanh District, 68 ha; Xeo Ro IP at An Bien District, 200ha; Kien Luong II IP at Kien Luong District, 100 ha): the IPs Management Board is forming the detailed planning for and preparing to invest in Xeo Ro IP at An Bien District and Kien Luong II. Up to now, Xeo Ro IP’s detail planning was approved by the Provincial People’s Committee. As for the Tac Cau IP, the task of management was handed over from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to the IPs Management Board. At the same time, the work of attracting investment is being strongly carried out and some investors have come to study, yet so far none of them has officially registered investment projects.


Associated with the 5 IPs are 4 residential – resettlement areas having a total area of 148 ha and a 69 ha commerce and service center. Apart from all that, The Prime Minister has allowed Tan Tao Group to form the Kien Luong IP planning project with the planned area of 2,600 ha to submit for the consideration of the concerned Ministries and agencies; after that these governmental bodies will submit for the approvement of the Prime Minister.


According to the Resolution adopted by the Ninth Provincial Party Congress, in the period of 2010 – 2015, Kien Giang Province has to concentrate on speeding up the implementation of Thuan Yen and Thanh Loc IP so that these IPs would soon be put into operation.

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