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Economic zones and Industrial parks in Quang Tri Province - Part 1

VIETRADEQuang_Tri_economic_zone - Lying in the middle of the country, Quang Tri is considered as an important traffic hub creating favourable conditions for the economic cooperation in the region, international transport, commercial developing, service and tourism. The most noticeable area is the Lao Bao International Border Gate – the starting point of the life-line route of the East-West corrider connecting Quang Tri with Laos – Thailand – Myanmar; those traffic routes as highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh Trail (the East feeder and the West feeder), the North-South railway through the province, highway 9 connecting to the Trans-Asia highway enable Quang Tri to have economic exchanges with other provinces and regions in the country and the Central ports, such as Cua Viet, Chon Moy, Dà Nang, Vung Áng, etc. which are able to serve the goods transport in the region and goods transshipment via the Trans-Asia highway; the Phy Bài Airport in Thua Thion-Hue is just 80km away from Dung Hà – the provincial township of the province, Dà Nang International Airport is just 150km. Together with other provinces in the region, over the past years, Quang Tri has been invested much by the State. Many preferential policies have been applied to Quang Tri, so that the economic potentialities of the province have a new growth: the Lao Bao Special Economic Zone has had a new growth rate; the infrastructure of Dung Hà South and Quon Ngang Industrial Parks, Hien Luong, Cua Tung, Khe Sanh, Lao Bao Tourist Routes, etc. has been built attracting more investment; the transport system, electric system, water supply and sewage system, post-telecommunications are incessantly upgraded; such social matters as hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, public health, education-training, culture-sports are also paid attention to.


The geographical advantages and economic potentialities gained over the years are creating basic foundations for Quang Tri to enhance the economic cooperation in the nation and integrate into the region and the world as well as speed up the socio-economic development in the coming time.


Lao Bao Special Commercial Economic Zone

Lao Bao Special Commercial Economic Zone (LBZ) lies in the initial point of the East- West economic corridor in Vietnam, which is the shortest and most favourable road for the development of goods trade, tourism, services with Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). This is an integrated economic form, which both has characteristics of an industrial park, an export processing zone, a border gate economic zone and a “special tax-free zone,” and is permited by the Government to operate under a specific status which has been applied for the first time in Vietnam with the highest preferential rate according to Vietnam’s current law and international conventions that Vietnam has signed or taken part in.


The LBZ has a total area of 15,804ha and consists of two towns of Lao Bao and Khe Sanh and five communes of Ton Thành, Ton Long, Ton Lion, Ton Lap and Ton Hop (Huong Hua District) along a 20-km length of highway 9, with a current population of 45,000 people.


The infrastructure system at the centers has basically completed meeting the production-trade requirements of the investors and people’s life. Trade-names and products of the businesses in the LBZ have been present all over domestic market and exported to some countries in the world.


The LBZ is a state management organization established by the Government in order to concentratedly manage the activities in the region, solve formalities for investors under the policy of “one door, on the premises” rapidly and effectively. There have some concentrated production-trade areas been built in the LBZ, such as:


-Lao Bao Service-trade Industrial Park: including industrial cluster, service-trade cluster, and border gate cluster on an area of 100ha which is seperately planned for the development of service and trade (the infrastructure has been completed). The investment, production and trade activities in this area are very lively. Also, this area has been planned for border gate management organizations, bonded warehouse, logistic services, and duty-free supermarket.


-The concentrated industrial cluster in the northwest of Lao Bao: 47 ha; being planned for the development of processing industry; the infrastructure has been completed.


Besides, the LBZ also has Ton Thành Industrial Park (50ha), the cultural park at the center of Lao Bao Town (25ha), Voy Village service-tourism area (45ha), OO Eco-tourism (20ha).


By the end of 2009, there have been 50 projects with the total invested capital of 3,670 billion VND, in which there are 31 projects have been put into operation with the total capital of 2,690 billion VND.

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