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Economic zones and Industrial parks in Quang Tri Province - Part 2

VIETRQuang_Tri_economic_zoneADE - Quon Ngang Industrial Park

Position: 7km away from Dong Ha Town’s center to the north, 8km from Cua Viet Port, near Hà Thanh Railway Station and highway 1A. The total area is 205ha, in which the first stage is 139ha.


Infrastructure: the land clearance has been completed, some main works have basically been completed: main traffic system, electric and water system, sewage system.


Investment attraction status: By December of 2009, there have been 3 projects with the total capital of 132 billion VND, in which one project has been put into operation, the other two are under construction.


Investment encouragement fields: agro-forestry-fishery products processing, beer, alcohol, beverages, construction materials, textile, cosmetics, etc.


Dong Ha South Industrial Park

Position: near Dong Ha Railway Station and highway 1A, 02km away from Dong Hà Town’s center, 10km from Ho Cho Minh Trail, 80km from Lao Bao International Border Gate, 15km from Cua Viet Port, 80km from Phy Bài Airport (Hue), 120km from Chan May-Lang Co Port (Thua Thion - Hue) to the south.

Total area: 98,6ha

Infrastructure: land clearance has been completed, infrastructure has been completed to the fence of factories, including: internal road system, electric and water system, sewage system. In 2009, the concentrated waste water treatment system was completed with the output capacity of 1,000m3.


Investment encouragement fields: by December 2009, there have 19 projects with the total invested capital of 1,117 billion VND, specifically: MDF wood plant: 450 billion VND, annual output capacity of 60,000m3; klinker grinding plant: 150 billion VND, annual output capacity of 250,000 tons/year; Hua Tho Textile Plant: 53 billion VND, 1,000 employees. The province is encouraging investors to this industrial park.


Investment encouragement fields:

-Electric and electronic appliances assemblying; means of transport, wood processing, textile, construction materials, etc.

-Priority given to those clean industries or industries cause less environmental pollution.


Southeast Quang Tri Marine Economic Zone

This zone, 237.71 km2, lying on a coastal strip of land in the three districts of Gio Linh, Hai Lang and Trieu Phong will be an integrated marine economic zone which has modern infrastructure, clear mechanism, favourable investment environment. The focus of the zone will be sea-port service, shipbuilding and repairing, construction materials, new materials associated with the advantages of resources and raw materials, mechanical industry associated with the vast gas potentialities in the continental shelf near quang Tri coast, logistics.


- Functions:

Commercial functional group: international transshipment port system for the region and all kinds of port; international logistic center; international commercial center.

Production functional group: ship industry and technological assistance; mechanical industries; construction industry; construction materials industry; high technique on new materials; other industries.


Urban functions, training and developing the human resources: training area for the marine economic development; urban centers; tourist areas, resorts, recreational areas.

-Orientations on developing marine economic industry:

Marine economic industries: sea construction (pipeline and cable system on the sea, sea walls); seafood; shipbuilding; coastal tourism; maritime transport and seaports; gas industry.

Coastal economic industries: construction; educational and health services; financial activities; information; recreational and convalescence activities; processing; natural and mineral resources exploitation; vocational and trade services; public administrative; all industries; commerce, traffic, logistics.

Preferential projects: man made ship passages and digged ports protective works, infrastructure building projects, ship industry complex, gas-electricity industry complex, new materials industrial park, service-tourism area, regional logistic center, petroleum port, the total invested capital in the first stage is about 1.5 billion USD.

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