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Economic zones & industrial parks in Quang Binh Province

QuangBinh1VIETRADE - Hon La Economic Park is founded pursuant to the decision No.79/2008/QD-TTg dated June 10th 2008 by the Prime Minister. It includes 6 coastal communes in Quang Trach district. The center of the economic park is the 2 communes: Quang Dong and Quang Phu.


Hon La Economic Park is 10.000 ha large out of which 8.900 ha is in mainland and 1.100 ha is in islands. It borders Ha Tinh province in the North, Quang Tho commune, Quang Trach district in the South, Quang Tien and Quang Chau in Quang Trach district in the West and the sea in the East.


Hon La Economic Park is a general economic area. There are 2 main complexes: taxed area and free-tax area.


Taxed area includes: industrial areas, port, port logistic service, residency area, tourist and service area, administrative area and so on. There are also supplementary industries, business and areas, technical infrastructure area and other economic sectors.


Construction and business in free tax area is closely linked with investment and the effective operation of Hon La port which together with the National Highway 1A, 12A and the international border checkpoints as Cha Lo, Cau Treo, Lao Bao form important gateway to the sea for areas in Laos PDR, North-Eastern Thailand and GMS countries


Cha Lo Border Economic Zone

Cha Lo Border Economic Zone is founded pursuant to the Decision No. 137/2002/QD-TTg dated October 15th 20002 by the Prime Minister. It includes 6 communes in MinhHoa district as Don Hua, Trong Hua, Hua Thanh, Hua Phyc, Hong Hua, Hua Tien with the natural area of 538 km2


The development of Cha Lo border economic zone will follow the trend of openness and international economic integration; to be adapted to the cooperative and competitive environment and the socio-economic development in Quang Binh province in close link with highways as 12A, Ho Chi Minh route, Hon La economic park, the growth of North Central Vietnam, East West Economic corridor; ensure the cooperation and connectivity with other border economic zones in the regions as Cau Treo, Lao Bao and Vung Ang economic park.


Cha Lo border economic zone is constructed and developed to be the economic center and the busy urban area in the West of the province. It is the transshipment junction and centre of export-import products and services. It also associates economic development with residents and labor redistribution for livelihood improvement. It ensures the national security, defense and strengthens the international cooperation with neighboring and international countries, especially Laos PDR.


QuangBinh2Industrial parks

In the master plan, there are 8 industrial parks in Quang Binh province. They were founded pursuant to the Decision No. 1107/ QD-TTg dated August 21st 2008 by the Prime Minister on the master (developing) plan of industrial parks in Vietnam until 2015 and the direction to 2020. These parks are 2000 ha large in different districts and the city. 3 industrial parks have been founded: industrial park in the North West of Dong Hoi, Hon La industrial park and industrial park in the North of Dong Hoi.


Sectors of investment: construction and business of infrastructure and facilities in industrial parks; forestry, agricultural and sea food processing industries; consuming produce; produce for export, mineral processing, chemicals, building materials, electricity, electronics, machinery, and so on.

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