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The sectors with investment incentives of Quang Nam province

VIETRADE - I. Producing new materials, energy; producing high tech products, biological technology, information technology and mechanicals.

1. Producing: acoustic and heat isolating materials; synthetic materials to replace wood, fire-resistant materials; construction plastics, fiber glass, specialized cement.

2. Producing non-ferrous metals, refining cast iron

3. Producing patterns for metal and nonmetallic products.

4. Investing in new-construction of power plants, distribution station and power transmission station.

5. Producing medical equipment, constructing storehouse of pharmaceutical products, storing medicines in case of Acts of God, disasters, dangerous epidemics.

6. Producing food toxicology tester

7. Developing petrochemical industry.

8. Producing carbon, active coal.

9. Producing pesticides, other medicines for prevention and treatment for animals, sea products, veterinary medicine etc.

10. Raw materials of medicines and drugs for prevention and treatment of social diseases; vaccines; biologicals; pharmaceuticals; Oriental medicine.

11. Investing in construction of facilities of biological testing, assessing usability of medicine; pharmaceutical establishments meeting the standards of good practice in production, storing, inspecting, clinic testing, culturing, harvesting and processing pharmaceutical materials.

12. Developing sources of pharmaceutical materials and producing medicines from pharmaceutical materials; projects for researching, proving scientific grounds of oriented remedy and establishing test standards of oriented remedy, surveying, listing kinds of pharmaceutical materials used for producing medicines; collecting, inheriting and applying oriented remedies, seeking for, exploiting and using new pharmaceutical materials.

13. Producing electronic products.

14. Producing machines, equipment, spare parts in the fields of: mining of petroleum, energy, cement; producing large-sized lifters, tools for metal processing, metallurgy devices.

15. Investing in production of devices of medium, high-voltage, big-sized generator.

16. Investing in production of diesel engine; producing and repairing, building ships; spare parts of carriers, fishing vessels; producing machines, spare parts of dynamic, hydraulic industries, pressure machines.

17. Manufacturing equipment, vehicles, construction machines, technical devices for transport industry, railway engine, trams.

18. Investing in production of tools, machines, equipment, spare parts, machines for agricultural, forestry production, food processing, irrigation devices.

19. Investing in production of equipment, machines for textile and leather industry


II. Culturing, processing agricultural, forestry, fishery, making salt; producing artificial seedlings, seedlings and domestic animals

20. Planting pharmaceutical trees.

21. Investing in preservation of agricultural products after being harvested, preserving agricultural, fishery products and food.

22. Producing canned and bottled juices.

23. Producing, purifying feedstuffs for animals, poultry, maritime products .

24. Technical services of planting industrial and forestry trees, breeding, protecting crops and domestic animals.

25. Producing, multiplying and creating crops and domestic animals by cross-breeding.


III. Using high technology, modern techniques; protecting ecological environment; researching, developing and creating high technology.

26. Producing equipment for response to and treatment of oil spills.

27. Producing waste treatment equipment.

28. Investing in construction of technical infrastructure and works: labs, testing station in order to apply new technologies to production; establishing research institutes


IV. Using many labors

29. The project uses the number of regular labor ranging from 500 to 5000 labors.


V. Constructing and developing infrastructure

30. Constructing infrastructure to serve for production, business of cooperatives and rural residents' life.

31. Trading in infrastructure and investing in production in industrial clusters, industrial zone and rural trade villages.

32. Constructing water plants, water supply to serve for life, industry, investing in construction of drainage system

33. Constructing, improving bridge, road, aviation terminal, airport, harbors, railway stations, parking places; broadening new railways.

34. Constructing technical infrastructure of concentrated residential areas at difficult and specially difficult socio-economic localities


VI. Developing education-training, health, fitness, sport and national cultures

35. Investing in construction of infrastructure of education and training facilities, schools, private education facilities at levels: preschool, secondary education, secondary technical education, vocational training education and higher education.

36. Establishing private polyclinics.

37. Contructing center of finess, sports, gyms; clubs; building facilities of production, fabrication and repair of sporting equipment and devices;

38. Establishing: culture house of ethnic groups; traditional sings and dances theaters; film studio, imaging establishments; manufacturing, fabricating and repairing musical instruments; maintaining museum, culture house of ethnic groups; colleges of culture and arts.

39. Investing in construction of national tourism parks; ecological resort; cultural parks including sporting, entertainment activities;


VII. Developing the traditional trades

40. Constructing and developing the traditional trades of handicrafts, processing of agricultural products and food, other cultural products;


VIII. Other production fields and services

41. Providing services of connection, access and application of internet, public phone boxes in difficult and specially-difficult localities.

42. Developing public transport including: vessels, aircrafts, railway and road means of transport, highspeed inland waterway vehicles, container carrying vehicles, ocean means of transport.

43. Investing in removing production facility out of the inner city.

44. Investing in construction of class-I market, exhibition hall.

45. Producing toys for children

46. Activities of calling for fund, lending of People's Credit Funds.

47. Consulting on law, intellectual properties and technology transfer

48. Producing raw materials of pesticides

49. Producing basical chemicals, pure chemicals, specialized chemicals and dye

50. Producing the wash-up liquide, chemical adjuvants

51. Producing paper, hard cover, artificial board originated from domestic agricultural, forestry materials; producing pulp.

52. Weaving, finishing textile products; producing silk and fibers of all kins; tanning and preliminarily treating of leather.

53. Other projects in industrial zones as determined by the Prime Minister


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