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Economic zones, industrial parks and processing zones of Tay Ninh calling for investment in the period of 2011- 2015 ( Part 1)

VIETRADE - Overview of economic zones, industrial parks and processing zones

Moc Bai Border Gate Economic Zone is located in Loi Thuan Commune, Ben Cau District, Tay Ninh Province, with an area of 21.283ha and planned as follows: the area of the shopping-service area is 250 hectares (border market, bonded warehouse, international trading-service area, the border gate service and administrative management area, international trading area.


The border gate service and administrative management area is arranged in the northwest, near Trans-Asian highway border gate and the road 75A), commerce-service area is arranged in the south, the recreation service area in the southeast; golf course with an area of 120ha is arranged in the Southwest, adjacent to the border of Cambodia; the trading and industrial area with 633ha (commercial industrial area No. 1 with the scale of 205 ha is located in the northeast; the commercial industrial area No. 2 with 328 ha is located in northwest and the commercial industrial area No. 3 with 100 ha is located in the southwest). In addition, the economic zone also has a 300 hectare industrial zone arranged along Vam Co Đong River. Particularly, Moc Bai Border Gate Economic Zone also build an eco-tourist area with an area of approximately 600 ha to the south of highway 22 under the area of An Thach Commune, Ben Cau District.


Moc Bai Border Gate Economic Zone  Moc  Bai Border Gate Economic Zone with Moc Bai International Border Gate and twosub-border gates as Phuoc Chi and Long Thuan serve for the economic, cultural exchanges and political diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Cambodia and some ASEAN countries; as a commercial, tourist center and as the domestic and international traffic hubs, and also the important center of economy, culture, science and technology of Tay Ninh Province and the Southeastern region; having an important position on security and national defense; convenient transportation (Moc Bai - Ho Chi Minh City national highway running along the trans Asian highway about 3 km to the north and connected with the trans-Asian highway through the border gate positioned east of Moc Bai Border Gate urban area under the area of An Thach Commune with building line of 68m; the existing trans-Asian highway will have a building line of 70m, the provincial road 786 in the north–south direction from Chau Thanh to Long An, the section passing through Moc Bai Border Gate urban area has a building line of 60.5m, and the section not passing through with the building line of 31m).


As the forecast, by 2020 the population of Moc Bai Border Gate Economic Zone shall be about 100,000 people, of which, the urban population is about 60,000 people, the rural population is about 40,000 people. It is forecast that land area for constructing economic zone in 2020 shall be approximately 2,976 ha. According to the spatial development orientation, urban systems including Ben Cau town and Moc Bai Border Gate commercial service area connect together through the northsouth urban central axis (on the provincial road axis 786), comprising of Moc Bai Border Gate urban area is expanded along national highway 22 to the east and west with an area of 7,400 hectares; Ben Cau Town is extended towards Loi Thuan Commune center, linking with external road with the scale of 181 ha; the rural residential areas are mainly located in the center of Long Thuan, Tien Thuan, Loi Thuan, An Thanh, Phuoc Luu, Binh Thanh, Phuoc Chi Communes and two auxiliary border gates as Long Thuan and Phuoc Chi with an area of about 305 ha. The area of main Moc Bai Border Gate is about 5 ha, including such management agencies as Border Guard Agency, Customs, International Quarantine Agency and showrooms, duty free shops.


- Ma Xit Border Gate Economic Zone:

Located on an area of 34.197ha, situated in the Southern key area, Ma Xit Border Gate Economic Zone includes Xa Mat international border gate EZ, main border gate as Chang Riec and two auxiliary border gates as Cay Go and Tan Phu. The natural conditions are very convenient for newly building and protecting ecological environment (good soil, abundant underground water source, endowed natural environment, etc.); the size is large enough to develop the components into border gate economic zone; being able to promote the pervasive effects to speed up the general economic development in order to narrow the development gap between the sub-regions in the province; facilitating for coordination of economic development of 20 residential areas of border communes and ensuring national defense security.


Furthermore, Ma Xit border gate economic zone is located in an important position in the Southwest of Vietnam–Lo Go Xa Mat–Chang Riec special-use forest, the base of Southern Central Bureau which was recognized as cultural monuments by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, is capable of creating an eco-tourism resort in combination with attractive and interesting landscapes.


Particularly, Xa Mat border gate (under the area of Tan Bien District) is the important international border gate in the Southern region, where the state management agencies are located (the management unit of Xa Mat Border Gate Economic Zone, Customs, management station of import-export, animal and plant quarantine, cultural and medical products, police station, etc.) and also the place where the development orientation, construction management, urban development and making construction planning for economic zone are concretized. Xa Mat Border Gate is located on national highway 22B, as the important arterial road connecting Ton-le Sap Lake tourist area with Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Bangkok (Thailand) by roadway, and also contacting with the Northern provinces of Cambodia and Laos, Burma, India,... through the highway 22B. Concurrently, Xa Mat Border Gate strongly attract the increasing number of import and export goods, mainly agricultural products via Vietnam and Cambodia border gate, export and import turnover is about over US$ 100 million annually (to be continued)

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