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Training course on finding ideas and designing gifts and souvenirs in Danang

VIETRADDesign_course_in_Da_Nang_3E - “How to find new ideas and how to design gifts and souvenirs when you have no experience?” are main topics that have been mentioned in the program to assist Vietnamese companies to improve design capacity and product development which was held in Danang City, Vietnam since 21st to 23rd August, 2014 by Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) under the National Trade Promotion Program 2014.


The design process

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Tuoi, Dean of the Faculty of Interior Design, Danang Architecture University, speaker of the program, said that “Not all the designs are excellent only thanks to applying the art or their nature. Design is innovation and creation. Design realizes ideas to attract consumers and customers. Design is everything around you which has been made by human, consciously or unconsciously. Design makes ideas visible. It is created from abstract thinking and various inspirations. Design makes something ambiguous into real.”


Design is also cooperation in which the design process is a cooperative environment for many members to solve different issues. This method is often used in designing.


Searching for new ideas

Speaking in the program to improve design capacity and product development, Mr. Vu Hy Thieu, Vietnamese expert in designing arts and handicrafts, said that, it is simple to search for ideas to design technical shape. We can find ideas from traditional products, current products in the market, sets of products, etc. to find out best ideas. Besides, we can also search for ideas from customers’ new demands, new materials, new technical structure, new decoration, etc. to make different and innovative products. The nature is also an infinitive inspiration for raising ideas if you know how to make ideas become true. The expert also advise companies to expand the approach and exploit sources to search for ideas on new products.


Designing gifts and souvenirs

Gifts and souvenirs are divided into 3 types; usable products, decorative products and package of other products. There are three requirements for such types of products: beautiful, skillful and complete; meaningful; and portable, easy to use and easy to display.


In the program, experts have also guided participants to participate in games to draw practical lessons on searching for ideas. In addition, they also work and discuss in groups. Under the clear guidance of experts, participants have found out many ideas on designing handicrafts and packages which can be applied into the real production. With visual tools, participants have built mock-ups which can be developed more to produce valued gifts and souvenirs.


The program has been highly appreciated by participants from Trade Promotion Organizations in the central region of Vietnam, agencies, industrial associations and enterprises. During the program, participants have not only had meaningful and practical experience together but also connections with others when practicing designing gifts and souvenirs. They express their desire to have more training and coaching like this in Danang city and neighbor provinces in the central region so that everyone can have more chance to learn from experts and share experience with others.

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