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Northern Vietnam Key Economic Region

Vinh Phuc Province - Socio economic development orientation and vision to the year 2020
Vinh_Phuc_Province_-_Socio_economi_development_oriention_2VIETRADE - GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Maintain high economic growth in the direction of sustainable development. Striving for acquisition of basic elements for being an industrial province by the year 2015, creation of a Vinh Phuc City in the 20s of the XXI century.

Bac Ninh Province: Industrial Parks - Part 2
Bac_Ninh_Province_-_Industrial_parks_3VIETRADE - YEN PHONG TOWNSHIP IP Location: It is next to National Road 18 (Noi Bai International Airport-Ha Long City Route), and 30km, 18km, 122km, and 112km far from Hanoi, Noi Bai International Airport, Cai Lan Port (Quang Ninh), and Hai Phong Port respectively.

Vinh Phuc Province - Invesment attraction in Vinh Phuc province - Part 2

VIETRADE - As of the end of 2008, there were two countries and territories investing in Vinh Phuc. Main capital investment flow-in came from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China. Taiwan took the lead with 40 projects capitalized at 1,157.6m USD, making 58.3% of the total capital investment. Japan followed suit with 14 projects, 552.2m USD capital, making 26.5% of the total capital investment. South Korea came third with 28 projects, 165.9m USD capital investment. China the U.S, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore made up the rest.

Bac Ninh Province - Bac Ninh's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Attraction
Bac_Ninh_Province_-_FDI_1VIETRADE - STATE OF FDI ATTRACTION: Bac Ninh’s FDI attraction bears fruit. Until April 2009, it has attracted 178 projects at total registered capital of USD 2,469.93 million. They are as follows:

Bac Ninh Province: Industrial Parks - Part 1
Bac_Ninh_Province_-_Industrial_parks_1VIETRADE - Developmental state: The provincial major targets arebasically to become an industrialized province by 2015, then one of the leading provinces in NKER by 2020. Accordingly, it has its top priority to invest in construction and development of IPs.


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