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Friday, 02 December 2011 13:41

Vinh_Phuc_Province_-_Socio_economi_development_oriention_2VIETRADE - GENERAL OBJECTIVES:

Maintain high economic growth in the direction of sustainable development. Striving for acquisition of basic elements for being an industrial province by the year 2015, creation of a Vinh Phuc City in the 20s of the XXI century.



Objectives for 2010:

* Economy:

- Average annual GDP (by 1994 index) growth in the period of 2006-2010 above 14.5%.

- Economic structure: industries-construction 58.4% share, services share 27.4%, agroorestry-fishery, 14.2% share.

- Average per capita GDP (current price) by the year 2010: 1,250 USD.

- GDP share into provincial budget: 27-28%

- Total export revenue in the provincial compass: 500m USD.

- Striving in the 5-year period of 2006 – 2010 for average annual attraction of 25-30 projects at 300-400m USD registered capital, to raise the total FDI project number, by late 2010, to about 225-230 projects with total registered capital of about 2.5-3bn USD.

- Mobilize development investment capital from society at large: 50-55 thousand billion VND


* Culture-society:

- Natural population growth rate under 0.95%

- Average annual birth rate reduction to 0.02-0.03%

- Annual labor employment: 24-25 thousand

- Skill-trained labor by 2010: 40-50%

- Poverty household rating: less than 10% (new ratingnorm)

- Infant malnutrition: less than 15%


Objectives to the year 2020:

- Annual GDP growth in the period 2010-2020: above 10%

- Average per capita GDP: 2,000 USD in 2015, 3,000 USD in 2020

- Economic structures: industries-construction, 60% share of the total, services, 37% share, agro-forestry-fishery 3%

- Labor structures: industries-construction 40%, services 40%, agro-forestry-fishery 20%

- Urban population: 55%

- Skill-trained labor: 65%


Vinh_Phuc_Province_-_Socio_economi_development_oriention_1SOME DEVELOPMENT ORIENTATION OF VINH PHUC PROVINCE:

- Speed up economic growth, concurrently raise growth quality on foundation of special concern to agricultural, rural economy development: industrial development being a back bone, quality upgrading of services, whereby, tourism development acts as a spearhead, acceleration of urbanization.


- Continuation of investment business environment improvement, strong attraction of internal and external source potentials for investment development. Good focus on planning task, quality uplifting of investment projects, reinforcement of basic construction investment management, good implementation of land clearance-compensation, good control of land space availability for implementation of investment projects, focus investment on essential technical infrastructures building to cater to the economic production, services and common people’s lives.


- Strong, rapid development of industries, industries being considered as foundation for high economic development in the direction of optional modern, advanced environment friendly technology. Make high-tech industries, automotive, motorcycle manufacturing a spearhead drive to provincial economic growth. Priority development of food-agricultural products processing, construction materials making, pharmaceuticals manufacturing … Focus on moving industries to rural areas in linkage with development of artisan craft.


Formation of IP systems, assurance of sustainable development making it a real motive force to development. Promotion of industries operated by the private sector, collective economic entities, restoration and development of artisan villages.


- Create every favorable conditions for various economic sectors to participate in services development investment, make tourism a spearhead economic force. Expand new services particularly those of high intellectual input, business supporting services. Investment in creation of vacation resorts, entertainment amusement destination of national, international interest. Assurance of harmony between tourist development and sustainable management of natural resources, the environment andculture.


- As regards agricultural development, concern should be given to implementation of agricultural development programs, particularly implementation of the resolution 03/NQ-TU pertaining to farming-rural area developmentand upgrading farmers’ lives. Strong drive to agricultural, rural economic structures shifting. Continuation of consolidation-perfection of the agricultural cooperative model, implementation of the land rearrangement program for creation of an environment, conditions favorable to farmers in the economic development and benefiting from preferential policies by the Party and the State. Focus on building new rural communities in orientation of modernity, civilization, traditional cultural value preservation, assurance of harmonious development in urbanization.


- Urbanization: Acceleration of urbanization, building Vinh Phuc into a counterweight city to Hanoi acting as a development bridge between Hanoi and the northern provinces, a base for investment and the main motive force to generate development and social services.


Vinh Phuc regional planning is to assure sustainable development, harmony between urban and rural areas, responding to demand in investment attraction, in urbanization, tourism, resources conservation, environment and assurance of social order safety, national defense security, responding to demand in national and international communication, in rational linkage of intra provincial communication infrastructures to nationalcommunication routes and the belt ways planned for the capital Hanoi.


- Completion of the general planning for industrial-urbancenter in the study range of 300km2, in accommodation of over a million in habitants. The architectural space reflects modernity in keeping with local traditional cultural traits; emphasis on natural sites in urbanization in the direction of sustainable development. Special focus on high-tech industries, building of community centers, large-scale services, quality upgrading of services. Renovation of existent cities development of new urban centers in response to sustainable development, assurance of modernity.


- Comprehensive development of cultural-societal en deavors: create favorable conditions to support poor villages that meet with problems in socio-economic development. Reduction of unemployment in urban areas, increase of rural employment duration, strong drive to labor structural shifts in pace with economic structural shifts in the compass of the province. Continual development of education and training, culture, medical service, people’s health care and heath uplifting.

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