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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 12:31


Bac Ninh’s FDI attraction bears fruit. Until April 2009, it has attracted 178 projects at total registered capital of USD 2,469.93 million. They are as follows:


- Inside intensive IPs: luring 138 FDI projects at registered capital of USD 1,996.13 million, making up 80% of total capital and 78% of the registered capital.

- Outside intensive IPs: luring 138 projects at total registered capital of USD 473.8 million.


Bac Ninh has attracted investment since 2006:

In 2006: luring 27 projects at registered capital of  USD 179 million

In 2007: luring 27 projects at registered capital of USD 463 million

In 2008: luring 27 projects at registered capital of USD 1,334 million


Quarter I of 2009: issuing new investment certificates for 5 projects at registered capital of 6.86 million.


15 countries and territories have so far invested in Bac Ninh. The province attracted well known investors and multinational economic groups such asCannon (Japan), Samsung (Korea), Foxcon (Taiwan), Mapletree (Singapore), and ABB (Sweden and Switzerland).



For way of carrying out industrialization-modernization successfully and being out to become an industrialized province by 2015, Bac Ninh has made the following plan:


Sector orientation:  It prioritizes FDI for sectors of high- tech, original technology, export, job generating for laborers, auxiliary industrial development, product manufacturing, competitive services, and infrastructure construction. Investment preferential sectors are information technology, electronics, microelectronics, biogeography… It makes a fuss over original technology from developed countries such as US, Japan, and EU.


And it also encourages auxiliary industrial sectors, tourist, health, education and training sectors, entertainment services, and biotechnology, food processing technology to draw other sectors, high valuable products, collect big budget income, offer jobs to local laborers, environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art technology, tap local potentiality.


Area orientation: It prioritizes investment in building up of IPs’ technical infrastructure for investment attraction, and encourages projects to invest in districts of Gia Binh, Luong Tai, and Thuan Thanh, making it possible to goad on socio-economic development for agricultural districts and rigorous socioeconomic areas.


Counterpart orientation: It is heedful of FDI capital from multinational groups. The attraction is encouraged for 2 directions: Firstly, it implements big projects and high technology for export. Secondly, it creates conditions for multinational groups to build up research centers and develop technology suited to man-power training for the purposes of luring capital, management experiences and advanced technology from multinational groups.


Bac_Ninh_Province_-_FDI_2For the way of carrying out investment attraction effectively, Bac Ninh keeps on setting the following solutions:

Firstly, it carries on investing in infrastructure, working upper-hand of routes of New National Road 1, National Roads 18 and 38, TL 295, and revolving investment in transport system (in 2009, Bac Ninh uses 50% of its basic construction investment for transport construction).


Secondly, it develops qualified manpower to satisfy demands of enterprises, scales up training quality of schools, and current vocational training centers. Besides, it sticks to create convenient conditions for luring vocational training schools, colleges, and universities.


Thirdly, it goes about improving its investment environment, reforming the administrative procedures, which makes it for investors to approach land, investment procedures, and investment resources.


Fourthly, it beefs investment in waste treatment projects for sustainable development.


Lastly, it prioritizes development of auxiliary industries to increase a home-made product rate and offer jobs to local laborers.

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