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Thursday, 15 December 2011 14:58

VIETRADE - Vietnam became the fourth largest exporter of shoes in the world with a production output of 800 million pairs of shoes, 120 million pairs of bags and 150 million sqft of fnished tanned leather a year. The shoe and leather industry is destination of numerous big importers, especially those from the U.S., EU and Japan.


Many giant footwear producers such as Nike, Adidas, Bata, and Fila have plants in Vietnam. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Diadora, Timberland and Clarks (all renowned) manufacture in Vietnam.


The footwear industry is important for Vietnam’s exports. As one of the main six export products, Vietnam exported over USD 4 billion in 2009,  expectedly improving to USD 5.4 billion worth of footwear in 2010.


Some major exports in this functional area are sport shoes, canvas shoes, women’s shoes, leather shoes, slippers and sandals.


The European Union (EU) is the industry’s primary buyer, accounting for 48% of Vietnam’s footwear export. Related data is available for 2009, and Vietnam’s total export revenue to the EU then was USD 9.37 billion, of which 1.94 billion was from the footwear industry. This amounted to 20.7% of Vietnam’s total exports to that trade bloc. Footwear is extremely important to Vietnam.


Plan for development targets and objectives: To develop further Vietnam’s leather and footwear industry, a master plan has been accomplished and here are some of its foci:


- The industry shall be developed into a crucial industry for satisfying both domestic and export demand, helping generate more jobs and foreign exchange for the country.


-  Leather and footwear enterprises will be able to grow in a sustainable manner because of applying advanced technology and the ISO 9000 quality management system and the ISO 14000 environmental management system.


- Product development planning: All economic sectors are encouraged to involve themselves in investing in producing raw materials and accessories for the leather and footwear industry.


- Priority given to the development of leather tanneries that apply advanced technology and modern equipment.


- Additionally, existing establishments are to be restructured and modernized to raise production and the quality of tanned leather and to make the best use of domestic leather raw materials.


- Development of the leather processing industry will be combined with the incentive to expand industrial-scale animal husbandry and concentrated animal processing to further enhance raw leather quality and output.


- Every economic sector will be encouraged to take part in the investment in manufacturing footwear and leather goods for domestic use and exports.

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