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Monday, 28 November 2011 16:10

vietnam_foodstuff_and_beverage_1VIETRADE - Vietnam’s food processing industry grows rapidly to fulfll both local consumer and export demand. The Vietnamese are buying processed foods more and more in both quantity and diversifcation.


The country’s food processing industry also succeeds in exporting, with some examples being rice, fsh, coffee, and tea. Joining the ASEAN free-trade zone and WTO facilitates exporting in general for Vietnam and exporting of agricultural and seafood products in particular.


Food processing is a large multi-sector industry that produces quite a range of different products. The industry is divided into two sub-sectors that include seafood processing and beer brewing.


Seafood processing: With Vietnam having a competitive advantage in aquaculture, both the functional areas of fshing and seafood processing has developed very quickly and made incredible positive impact on the economy. In 2009 the output by the fshery industry is 4,800,000 tons, seafood exports was USD 4.25 billion.

Beer production: Every year is a successful year for Vietnam’s beverage industry with annual growth of 10%. Now there are around 500 breweries instead of the former 2 -  Saigon Beer and Hanoi Beer. Total output of beer is over 2,0 billion liters annually.


Development potential and target:

The plan for fsheries is for development into a highly competitive exporting industry. Export revenue should be USD 6.5 billion in 2015 for a quantity of 1.6 million tons, USD 8.0 billion in 2020 for a quantity of 1.9 million tons.


For technology

- Enhance scientifc research. Adopt suitable advanced technology.

- Intensify training for the staff and technicians employed by seafood processors, thereby facilitating technology transfer.

- Processing-technology adopted should include prioritizing product quality and food safety.


For production scale

- Upgrade infrastructure; processors already in business can increase freezing capacity by taking advantage of technology that is available.

- Construct large fshery centers near high-tech processing industrial parks.


vietnam_foodstuff_and_beverage_2For location

- The Red River delta and the Southeast should upgrade current processors and establish services for the fshing and seafood processing.

- The Me Kong delta, North Central, and coastal Central region should upgrade existing processors, build new factories with advanced technology.


For investment mobilization

- Encourage all economic sectors to invest in technology reform, infrastructure and service improvement.

- Encourage commercial banks to invest directly in seafood processors.

- Expand joint ventures between domestic enterprises and foreign investors to raise capital and upgrade seafood-processing technology.


The beverage industry expects to develop itself further. Make products of high quality and various types by using domestic raw materials. Raise product competitiveness to meet domestic and exports’ requirements. The target output and consumption for 2020 is 6-6.5 billion liters of beer.


For technology:

- Existing technology and equipment need modernizing to comply with Vietnamese and international regulations on product quality, food safety, and the environment.


For production scale and allocation:

- Hanoi Beverage and Saigon Beverage corporations should set the good example for beer production and trademark creation, for those initiatives will enhance meeting domestic and export requirements.

- Large enterprises should fnd a means to invest for technology improvement, quality production, and food safety. Interfacing with foreign-invested enterprises is encouraged for the result of producing high quality beer from domestic raw materials.

- Foreign-invested enterprises should comply with their investment licenses and operate within their originally designed capacities.

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