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Vietnam Processed Foodstuff Industry


Processed foodstuff and beverage is one of the major industries of Vietnam, accounting for nearly 37% of GDP. Development of the processing industry has greatly impacted upon other sectors and industries in society. Particularly the processed foodstuff industry has contributed to increase export revenue, foster business interfacing, and enhance diplomatic relationships between Vietnam and many countries. High growth of this industry has meant a remarkable contribution to Vietnam’s economy and labor structure nationwide.


In recent years, the processed foodstuff industry has made considerable advances. Processed food products increases both in quality and quantity every year. Style and packaging of many products has improved to where Vietnam dominates the domestic market and wins acceptance in foreign markets.


The Vietnamese processed foodstuff industry is now one of the world’s top 10 for export revenue. Vietnam has penetrated the three biggest markets in the world: EU, US and Japan. Ex-porting capacity and potential of this industry is promising. Consumers in the world are deeply impressed with Vietnamese processed food products.


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