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Chances for development and investment attraction in the Mekong KER - Part 2 Print
Monday, 30 January 2012 16:00

Chances_for_development_and_investment_attraction_in_Mekong_-_3VIETRADE - The MeKEZ has Can Tho City as the regional central urban, and other big cities in provinces that have rapidly developed such as Long Xuyen, Chau Doc, Rach Gia, Ca Mau. The urban areas are evenly disposed in the region from Cambodian border to the East Sea and the West Sea.


The region has such big economic zones as Phu Quoc Island Special Economic Zone, Nam Can Coastal Economic Zone, border economic zones of Ha Tien, An Giang, Khanh Binh and 26 industrial parks and clusters disposed in provinces and cities which have been attracting more projects. As for Phu Quoc Island Special Economic Zone (Kien Giang), since having been determined as the national service-tourist-economic developing center, it has attracted 260 big projects, issued investment certificates to 75 projects with the total invested capital of 50,000 billion VND contributing more to changing the appearance of the island and creating a significance for the present and future growing process of the region.


The East Sea and the West Sea corridors (from Ca Mau to Kien Giang) will be important economic zones of the region in the future, and concentrate on urban areas that specialize in industry, tourist service, and port logistics such as Phu Quoc, Kien Luong and Ha Tien (Kien Giang), Nam Can, Song Doc (Ca Mau) in combination with big economic zones established by governmental decisions such as Ha Tien Border Gate Economic Zone, Phu Quoc Island Special Economic Zone, Nam Can Economic Zone, etc. Together with training urban areas of Can Tho, Long Xuyen, Rach Gia, etc. these will form a chain of new industrial-service urban areas and build major works such as infrastructure, gas and oil exploitation, gas-power-fertilizer development, ship building and repairing, port logistics and sea transportation, etc. The open and attractive policies that are being applied on these localities are creating new chances for domestic and overseas investors to the region.


The MeKEZ’s urban system must be step by step upgraded and strongly developed to correspond with the role of being a socio-economic development incentive center of the region and sub-regions; at the same time, they must develop potential towns, residential and urban areas, creating favorable conditions for labor and economic structure changing, industrialization and modernization.


Can Tho–a level-I city–is the general scientific, industrial, economic, politic, cultural, social center of the MeKEZ with the estimated population scale of about two million people in 2020. It will be upgraded and widened northwards and westwards on a scale of 100 square kilometers.


The growth poles will be connected to the gaspower-fertilizer center in Ca Mau and Kien Luong Thermoelectric Plant in Kien Giang.


Can Tho University and An Giang University are becoming interdisciplinary training centers, scientific researching centers serving the socio-economic development requirements of the Mekong River Delta in general and the MeKEZ in particular. Besides, the system of colleges and vocational training intermediate schools has been widely developing in both quality and quantity.


The policy on socializing the educational and training activities is the advantageous condition for all domestic and overseas economic components to invest in this field.


The localities in the region are encouraging domestic and overseas organizations, individuals and every economic components to invest in all forms of training, including vocational training; giving priority to investing modern and synchronous material facilities and equipment in universities and vocational training schools; associating with universities and colleges in and out of the Mekong Delta and diversifying the training forms on appropriate scales to train the human resources; encouraging all economic components to do the vocational training program for workers in industrial parks and economic zones and do service in other braches.


The establishment of this key economic zone has a great significance to the Mekong Delta as well as the whole nation. Therefore, they must concentrate on training talents in order to rapidly develop this region to promote the development of neighboring areas. The disposition of invested works and allocation of the invested capital must comply with the “oil spot strategy” theory and localities are permitted to initially call for invested capital and to pay due debt as regulated by law.

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