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Overview of Thu Thiem - new urban center of Ho Chi Minh city Print
Monday, 14 May 2012 15:46

VIETRADE - Objective: Thu Thiem will be developed as a dynamic, diverse urban center of HCM City, which comprises facilities for trade, housing, public services, culture and education as well as open space.


- Population : 130,000 people

- Labor force : 350,000 people

- Total floor space area : 6,210,411 sqm, including:

+ Residential space : 3,503,387 sqm

+ Commercial space : 871,737 sqm


Location: Thu Thiem urban center is located southeast of HCM City in district 2 and covers the Thu Thiem, An Loi Dong, Binh Khanh, Binh An and An Khanh wards

Area: 737 hectares


Investment form: 100% foreign ownership, joint venture, business cooperation contract or build-operate-transfer.


Technical infrastructure:

Transport: Thu Thiem new urban center is connected with the downtown of HCM City by five bridges and onetunnel, including:

+ A bridge linking Thu Thiem with Binh Thanh District

+ A bridge linking Thu Thiem with District 1 (at one end of Ton Duc Thang Street)

+ A bridge linking Thu Thiem with District 1 (at Me Linh Square)

+ A bridge linking Thu Thiem with District 4

+ A bridge linking Thu Thiem with District 7



Internal transport:

+ The circular boulevard, with a road border of 45.5m and a greenery strip in the middle, links the central area with the northern residential area and ends at the eastern residential area. The boulevard has four lanes for traffic, each with a 3.5m width, with two lanes for parking on both sides.


+ The East West highway, with a road border of 68m, has six lanes, each with a 3.5m width, with two lanes for parking along both sides.


+ Most streets have parking space along the sides. Underground car parks are planned at major public areas.


Public transport:

+ Tree main metro station are planned at the central square, the central lake and the research institute at the eastern part of the highway. Metro stations allow easy access and are 10 minutes’ walk from main buildings and destinations.


+ Short-distance bus services operate non-stop along the circular boulevard that runs 6.2km through the central area, the northern residential area and the East West highway. About 11 bus stops are planned. Major stops are planned. Major stops are at the convention center and the  stadium/competition house.

+ Six ferry wharves are planned to serve travel between District 1, Thu Thiem new urban center and main spots along the Saigon river. A network of more than 12 taxi boat quays to serve the travel by workers and tourists are planned along channels in Thu Thiem.


Water supply: The average per capita water supply by 2020 is estimated at 150 liters per person per day. The existing pipelines in Tran Nao street will be extended to Thu Thiem. The main pipeline, with a diameter of 500 mm, will traverse Thu Thiem along the circular boulevard and the approach road.


It will be having two separate small branches and be connected with the water supply system in district 7. The water distribution system, with smaller pipes, is planned in a circular way within each area. The total volume of wastewater is estimated at 150,000m3 per day. It will be collected through the natural water flow system and pumping stations and discharged into the wastewater treatment plant.


Power supply and telecom:

With an estimated population of 130,000, the power demand is estimated at 35 million KWH based on an estimate of 10.3 KWH per person.

The An Khanh sub-station will be retained and connected with the new power grid. Two new substations will be erected at the main transmission points of the East-West highway and the central area. The telecom center will be part of the television tower. Both electric cables and telecom cables are laid underground in a common pipe system.


Investment incentives:

The corporate income tax will be applicable to specific projects in accordance with Government Decree 164/2003/ND-CP dated December 22, 2003. According to Decree 71/2001/ND-CP dated October 5, 2001, high-rise condominium projects (five stories) or projects where 60% of the area is for construction of high-rise condominium will enjoy exemption of land rent for the area subject to land rent payment.


Some main projects:

- The convention and exhibition center (20 hectares). Investment capital: about US$200 million.

- The observation tower (8,200 sqm). Investment capital: US$500 million.

- The stadium (7.8 hectares) and the competition house (2.7 hectares). Investment capital: about US$1,200 billion.

- The center square (9.8 hectares, with 700m in length and 80 – 200m in width). Investment capital: about US$100 million.

- Binh Khanh residential area (43 hectares, FAR + 2.3 – 4.5, with 3,000 houses). Investment capital: VN$1,200 billion (about US$75.6 million).

- Relaxation hotels (4.8 hectares in the eastern residential area), water park (10ha in the southern waterlogged area), and transport and technical infrastructure (138.85 hectares): The land will be put up for auction at current price of Vietnam$ 4 million (US$252) per sqm.


Project developer: Thu Thiem New Urban Center Management Board

177 Ly Chinh Thang Street, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: 84.8 5261271     Fax: 84.8 5261272

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Contact person: Mr. Vu Quoc Khanh – Head of Investment & Planning Department

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