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Sai Gon Hi-tech Park (SHTP) – calling for investment Print
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 10:07

VIETRADE - The park goals & objectives:

- Position the park as Vietnam’s premier manufacturing, research and development facility to enable and support a range of high technologies.

- Attract major multinational companies with key technologies and facilitate the development and transfer oftechnologies to domestic companies.

- Provide a secure, nurturing, and collaborative environment between the park, domestic incubators, start-up and high-growth technology companies.

- Create a mixed-use development anchored by multinational and domestic companies.

- Foster collaborations between the park, its tenants, and human resource development institutions (national university, other universities, training institutions ,etc).

- Facilitate the exchanges and collaborations of technology between the SHTP R&D center and other research institutions, national agencies, tenants, universities, and companies.

- Leverage the relationships with overseas Vietnamese professionals, executives, and investors to enable and stimulate marketing, promotion, investment, and technical development.

- Leverage technologies and facilitate the invigoration of supporting industries.

- Develop and accelerate the technical and professional training center.

- Maximize synergy between park activity and national high-tech policy

- Maximize interaction among tenants, suppliers, and supporting companies

- Minimize upfront infrastructure costs while creating momentum with an initial success.


Location: District 9, HCM City Saigon Hi-Tech Park is among the top 5 focal projects of Ho Chi Minh City.  The park, is located 15 to 18 km from the City center, Saigon port and Tan Son Nhat international airport. It also lies in the cluster of 55 industrial parks and export processing zones - the heart of the southern key economic region and is also adjacent to the city national university. Saigon Hi-Tech Park is the ideal destination for hi-tech investors.

Area: 913 hectares


Investment attracting industries:

Projects welcomed to invest in SHTP includes manufacturing; assembling; providing scientific technological services directly serving high technology in these fields:

-Microelectronics - information technologies - telecommunications;

- Biotechnology in medical, pharmaceurtical and environment applications;

- Precision mechanics - automation/robotics;

- Advanced material sciences, Nano-techonology.



Power: Electricity is supplied from the national power grid and SHTP’s own power station via two 40MA transformer stations. SHTP plans to build a standby power plant using gas turbines to ensure non-stop supply.


Water supply: Our 21-kilometer water pipeline connected with the city’s water supply network can provide 9,500 cubic meters of tap water per day, capable of meeting investors’ demand.


Tap water is pumped from Thu Duc or Binh An water plant in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, SHTP also has a 3,500-cubic-meter standby water tank (used for the first phase of development).

Telecommunications and Internet: Our international standard system of telecommunications and Internet provides reliable and cost-effective services:

•+ Broadband packet switching network.

•+ High-speed data communication network.

•+ The broadband MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) in the model of “one network – multiple services”.


Prospective Investment Projects:

Internet city No. 2

Project’s objective: The project is to invest and develop a real estate property equipped with a strong telecommunication – Internet infrastructure to provide high quality and reliable services of to potential tenants.


Functions of Internet City

- A high tech E-supermarket:

+ Provides modern high tech shops;

+ Connects directly to high – speed internet;

+ Includes e-shops and on-line commercial transaction.


A high tech exhibition – training – conference center:

+ Organizes exhibition for hi-tech products and fairs for high – grade goods high speed internet connection

+ Creates a professional training environment for online training and develops e-training;

+ Organizes conferences, seminars or press conferences to a great number of audiences, providing full necessary facilities for conference such as cabin translation, stereo system, projectors, supporting onsite all on-line services (IP phone, video conference, etc.)

Smart office for lease: provides office for lease with full modern conveniences and advanced IT infrastructure with on-line services and e-business solutions.


On-line services:

+ Application service provide: customer relations management CRM services, ERP services, data mining, data warehousing and the likes.

+ Commerce service provider: e-commerce, e-payment portal, logistic services, e-notary and the likes.

+ Valued added internet service provide + Video service provide: cable TV, video on-demand, video conferencing and the likes.

Location: Saigon Hi-tech Park, District 9, HCM City. The land lot reserved for Internet City No2 has the area of 11,610m2, 200m in width and 58m in length. It includes:

+ One 15-story Center Tower, sitting in the center of two 6-story towers, which is 80m wide and 27.5m long. The area for one floor is 2,200m2.

+ Two 6-story tower which are 40m wide and 20m long and an area of 800m2 each.


The 15-story center tower (phase 1):

Construction area of the 15-story Center Tower is 26,000m2 including functional zones as follows:

- 2,200m2 basement used for parking, stations of cable connection of supporting equipment…

- Ground – floor, 1st floor and the 2nd floor (with an area of 2,200m2 each) will be used for exhibition and  conference centers, bank offices, data center, television center using cable television or satellite, financial.

- The 3rd to 13th floor (with an area of 1,500m2 each) provides on – line services, intelligent offices for lease…

- Terrace: antenna, satellite system, WIFI, satellite television, ground television, solar cells…

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