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Friday, 18 May 2012 15:22

dong_naiVIETRADE - As the province located in the southern key economic region (SKER), and connected to 3 regions of southeast, south central and central highlands of Vietnam, 30km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai has many advantages to develop its economy and society.


Firstly, the province has convenient transportation systems crossed by lots of national main routes of national road N0 1A, national road N0 20, national road N0 51, and south – north railway route, many inter-province road routes, and river ports of Long Binh Tan, Go Dau, Phu My, that are near Sai Gon Port and Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which makes it easy to develop regional economy as well as to trade with countries all over the world. Secondly, there is an ideal ground with well compressed texture, getting convenient to build industrial parks. Thirdly, there is an abundant water resource, which supplies water not only to Dong Nai but also to Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong. Fourthly, there is an abundant electric resource supplied from hydro-electricity plants of Tri An, Phu My, which assures the economy development needs. Apart from the national electricity network, Dong Nai also has Amata Power joint – venture company that supplies its electricity to the Amata industrial park and neighboring industrial ones. Besides, Dong Nai also has various and abundant natural resources and mineral products such as gold, tin, zinc and mines of rock, mud coal, clay and sand, forest and water resources... which are convenient to develop industries of manufacturing construction materials pottery , and handicrafts...


Basing on the potentialities and the available advantages, and along with the will, and high agreement, the Dong Nai’s Party Committee, local government and people have overcome difficulties and obstacles to build Dong Nai’s social and economical development, and make Dong Nai become one of the important links to the southern key economic region.


After 30 years of building and developing from a back-ward agricultural economy, Dong Nai becomes one of the provinces with the highest average GDP per capita. The province’s economic structure shift and development have taken place according to the 9th national congress party resolution and the 12th provincial party congress resolution in which industry plays a decisive role, making it easy to push up the economic development, especially service and agriculture. Dong Nai’s industrial production has had powerful  developing steps in quality due to the forming of the main industrial zones of processing agricultural products and food, machinery and metallurgy, exploiting and producing construction materials, manufacturing of export goods and consumer goods, electronics and telecommunications ... agricultural and rural industrializations, and has applied biological technology to production.


Dong Nai is the country’s leading province on building and developing industrial parks. Dong Nai’s industrial zones increase by their quantities and qualities and can attract foreign investments.


Dong Nai is also one of the few provinces that attract projects with capital of over USD 100 million (Formosa – Taiwan, and Taiwan, and Fujitsu – Japan). Foreign investment capital really becomes an important resource to invest in companies and develop their production, which creates big budget collection, contributing to the local economic development, particularly pushing up the economic structure shift towards the modernization – industrialization direction.




To create beliefs for investors, especially foreign ones, Dong Nai has aimed at “two reforms” implemen- tations in recent years. They are investment environmental improvement and administrative procedure reform of all aspects, public, clear, simple, quick solutions together with motto “the local government goes together with enterprises”.


Commercial and foreign investment promotion programs have been held to attract investment and raise the competitive capability of Vietnamese goods in the international market. Besides, service of post – telecommunications, transportation, finance and credit ... have also been invested in time.


Together with the economic development, social matters have also been effectively – solved, for example, job settlement for laborers, which is always interested. The material and intellectual life of Dong Nai people are more and more improved. The people’ belief in the renovation policy is more and more raised.


The above achievements have helped Dong Nai gain target of building Dong Nai into an industrial province. Dong Nai shall focus on carrying out deeply economic movements, establishing and developing high- tech industrial zones, knowledge economy, investing in dominant products, strengthening grey matter contents in industrial products to raise competitive capacities.


Kinds of services serving production and life, especially industrial parks and urban centers are expanded. Of agricultural sector, the province has been pushing up rural and agricultural industrialization, investment in technological infrastructure and tech – science application for agricultural production. The industry has kept a main role in economic development in which processing industries shall contribute and increase agricultural product values, which push up development service – trade industries, and makes process of economy structure shift quick and right. Potentialities of economy sector need to be brought into play to develop economy durably, especially encouraging foreign investment in high-tech industries. The foreign investment is considered as “motive force” which helps the province to raise its advantages, giving Dong Nai a new jump.


Its potentialities and advantages have been made use of and brought into play, the dynamic development in the renovation period together with rising-up wishes are the decision factors to help Dong Nai build its future more and more civilized, rich and beautiful.

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