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Economic Development of Dak Nong Province – Part 3 Print
Monday, 28 May 2012 17:21

2012_May_28_-_Pic_1VIETRADE - Investing in developing and building socioeconomic infrastructure

- Irrigation: There were 74 new irrigation projects invested, and 12 irrigation projects were upgraded. There are 186 irrigation projects operational to irrigate 4,104ha of rice and 18,232ha of coffee all over the province, meeting 44% of total demand.


- Running water: the rate of households having running water is 70% (the goal was 85%).


- Urban drainage: All the urban areas of the province do not have a central waste water collecting and treating system.


- Electricity: The national electrical grid is being enhanced and expanded to remote areas. In the last five years, many projects were developed: the “medium-tension line crossing 10 hamlets” project, the “10 revolutionary base hamlets, 20 minority ethnic hamlets on the spot” program, and the “37 hamlets” program belonging to the rural energy project. The “116 hamlets” program is part of the “supplying electricity to five provinces of the Central Highlands” program of the government. Almost every hamlet and village has national grid electricity; the rate of households having electricity is 90%.


Enterprises’ activities

During 2006–2010, there were 907 enterprises belonging to all economic sectors registered to operate businesses, and had total registered capital of VND 7,342 billion. Apart from that, 2,011 enterprises re-registered with total additional capital of VND 195 billion. There were 1,265 enterprises with total registered capital of over VND 9 trillion. Of all the registered forms of business, the number of joint-stock companies accounted for 12%, that of limited liability companies 47%, and that of private enterprises 41%.


Collective economy developed fast in terms of quantity. There are 550 cooperative manufacturing groups and 131 cooperatives operating in many fields of work, with some cooperative patterns bring high socioeconomic effectiveness. Despite the small scale, the private

economy still developed profoundly, contributing constructively to the socio-economic development of the province and helping to create jobs for locals.


Investment promotion


Domestic investment promotion: In the last five years 300 investment projects registered, of which only 103 projects were granted investment licenses (making up 33% of the registered projects) and 51 projects went operational (making up 17% of registered projects).

Foreign investment promotion: In the past years, the number of ODA and NGO projects increased while that of FDI ones were still little. There are only 6 FDI projects with a total registered capital of USD 18 million most of them small.


Industrial zones and complexes in Dak Nong Province

Tam Thang Industrial Zone

Location: at Tam Thang Commune, Cu Jut District along National Highway 14, 105 km from Gia Nghia Town and 14 km from Buon Ma Thuot City.


Total planned area: the surface area is 181 ha, of which the area for building factories is 125 ha, operating office 0.2 ha, industrial service works 5 ha, green zone 21 ha, nodal works 3 ha; routes 28 ha, divided into many functioning areas. Factories are planned to build according to fields of work to ensure environmental- and hygienic-friendliness.


Total invested capital for infrastructure constructing: VND 191 billion.


Situation of investment promotion: Tam Thang industrial zone has attracted 34 investment projects, among which 16 are operational, 7 under construction and 11 registered with capital of VND 927 billion and operating capital of VND 511 billion. The rate of zone-coverage is 66%.


Nhan Co Industrial Zone

Location: at Nhan Co Commune, Dak R’Lap District, about 400 m from National Highway 14. It’s 7 km from Gia Nghia Town, and 235 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Total planned area: 95 ha.

Total invested capital: expected to be VND 262 billion.


Dakha Industrial Complex

Location: at Dakha Commune, Dak G’Long District; along provincial road #4. It’s 9 km from Gia Nghia Town.

Total planned area: 29 ha.

Total invested capital: expected to be VND 63 billion.


Industrial and small industrial clusters in local districts




Area (ha)

Investment capital (billion dong)


Krong No District

Dak Ro Commune




Dak Mil District

Dak Mil Town




Dak Song District

Truong Xuan Ward




Dak G’Long District

Quang Khe Ward




Dak R’Lap District

Quang Tin Ward



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