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Some experiences in building and developing Dong Nai’s industrial parks Print
Sunday, 10 June 2012 14:30

dong_nai_aaaVIETRADE - Carrying out “Doi Moi” policy and world economy integration of the Party and the State, one of the most highlighted achievements of Dong Nai is to attract foreign direct investment capital. Dong Nai has become one of the three leading provinces in the whole nation in carrying out policies of attracting foreign direct investment. Foreign investment capital enterprises with supremacy on capital, technology, market, managing effort, etc. have had more and more great role in socio-economic development in Dong Nai province.


Dong Nai is 39km away from Ho Chi Minh City, so its infrastructure is convenient to develop industrial parks. So far, Dong Nai is the province that takes the lead from other provinces on the quantity of industrial parks. It has founded 31 industrial parks. The industrial parks are located near national roads of N0 1 and N0 51 which are main routes, and very convenient for water supply and electrical supply, transportation, communications, and manpower resource.


The projects mainly aim at industrial sectors with different industries like textile garment, shoes, food processing and animal food processing, chemicals, rubber, plastic, electricity, electronics, metallurgy mechanics, metal production, pottery and products from non–mineral matter, consumer goods and other special sectors.


The construction and development of Dong Nai’s industrial zones contribute to the service  development, economic growth, furthermore, they also help to establish industrial centers connected to urban development, push up the economic structure shift towards industrialization, modernization in which service and industry make up a high proportion and create jobs for laborers in all over the coutry. At present, there are over 400,000 laborers working in the industrial parks.



From the results which help Dong Nai become a leading province of the whole nation on industrial parks development, the Industrial parks Management Board draw the following experiences:

1. Vietnam’s law policies on foreign investment has been constantly improved towards public and clear directions suitable to international common practice, which is more and more convenient to create belief for investors in Vietnam investment environment in general and Dong Nai environment in particular.

Tax incentive policies for businesses in industrial parks are an attractive factor to investors coming to the industrial parks.


2. Local government always perform the motto “The local government goes together with  nterprises”, deal with difficulties in business and production activities of the businesses. Organizations always intensify the administrative formalities work in simple and quick orientation, enhance sense of responsibility in serving the businesses for prompt and simple administrative formalities, and enable them to save cost, reduce prices and operate more effectively. Appropriate authorities running industrial zones which carry out most administrative formalities in a “one-stop” mechanism is the industrial parks Management Board. This is a strongly administrative innovation step that has had upholding its effect.


3. Dong Nai province is especially interested in its industrial zones’ development; focus on infrastructure projects of the industrial parks completely. Good quality is an important factor, which determines attraction of investors coming to the industrial parks in Dong Nai. The infrastructures outside the industrial parks are also cared by the governments to develop synchronously with the infrastructure inside the industrial parks in order to meet the essential needs of investors.


4. Dong Nai province attaches special importance to the tasks of marketing and inviting investors through the fact that it formed task forces promoting investment in many developed economic countries such as The United States of America, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, etc. in order to popularize, call upon potential economic corporations to invest in the industrial parks in Dong Nai province.


Besides, the government of Dong Nai province is greatly interested in and facilitates to business and production activities in order to stabilize and develop their activities. Therefore, they are important bridges to popularize the picture of attractive investment environment of Dong Nai to potential investors in the future.


5. It ceaselessly improves services that serve businesses such as training human resources, providing telecommunication information service, bank service, transportation, freight yards and storage, etc., attaching special importance to human resource quality to satisfy the need of investors.


Oriention and development of industrial  parks in Dongnai

By 2015, Dong Nai province sets up 33 industrial parks with total area of 10,400 hectares.

-  The industrial parks  continue to synchronize completely their infrastructures both inner and outer the zones, ensure development of the industrial parks, but at the same time make sure the environment clear and strong.


-  In the coming time, Dong Nai orientate towards calling upon investment into the industrial parks  and attracting selectively investment projects such as advanced technology; project with global competitive products and without serious environmental pollution.


-  Continuing to step up investment promotion tasks, attach special importance to attract big economic corporations, which have potentials of capital, technologies, and markets.

-  Industrial parks must have completely development infrastructures, interest in development of services which support business activities, houses for laborers, commercial services, cultural activities etc; connect closely to the industrial parks in order that they develop firmly and lastingly.

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