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- Geographical location: Hung Yen Province sits in the Northern Key Economic Region which encompasses the Red River Delta and the economic triangle Hanoi – Hai Phong - Quang Ninh. Acting as the eastern gate of the capital Hanoi, it connects to national roads 39A and 38 linking national road no. 5 across town to exit to national road 1A. Besides, Hung Yen benefits from proximity to Hai Phong, Cai Lan Seaports, Noi Bai International Airport. It links northeastern provinces of the northern plains (Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh) with the northern central provinces of Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An.


- Natural territorial space: 923.09km2


- Climate: Tropical-monsoon, hot and humid with 2 distantly hot and cool seasons. Yearly luminosity: 1,519 hours. Average sunny days per month: 24. Average summer temperature: 23.20C Average winter temperature: 160C. Total average annual thermal buildup: 8,500-8,6000C. Average annual precipitation: 1,450-1,650 mm, 70% rainfall occurs in May-October. Average annual air humidity: 80%, peak 92%, trough 79%.


- Topography: Altitude drops from north to south, west to east with alternating low terrains (swamps, lakes, ponds, low lying rice fields), often flooded. The highest point shows elevation codes +9 to +10 found at the alluvial land of Xuan Quang Village, Van Giang rural district, the lowest point at +0.9 code locates at Tien Tien Village (Phu Cu rural district).


- Administrative units: The province is divided into 9 rural districts: Van Lam, My Hao, Yen My, Van Giang, Khoai Chau, An Thi, Kim Dong, Tien Lu, Phu Cu plus Hung Yen Municipality.



Population: 1,156.5million (2007 statistics)

Population density: 1,252/km2

Work force: 570,000, of which 140,000 had formal training.


Natural resources:

Hung_Yen_overview_2Land resources: Land features typical of a plain region with flat topography. Farm land covers 61,037ha, of which, 55,645 (91%) ha is planted to annual crops, the remaining consists perennial plants culture, water expanses to farm fish, land for special usage and miscellaneous other. Fallow land, approximately 7,471ha, holds potential for exploitation and development into farm production.


Water resources: Hung Yen is circumscribed by the Luoc and the Red Rivers which provide abundant fresh water. Surface water is rich (Red River flow velocity: 6,400m3/second). Underground water is also of varied nature and ample supply. Along national road 5A, from Nhu Quynh to Quan Goi, there are underground water reserves of millions of cubic meters, providing not only for industrial and urban utilization but also for neighboring areas.


Mineral resources: Lignite, from a large basin in the Red River Delta, is found in high reserves (30 billion tons), untapped yet. It offers great potential for the coal mining industry.



Transportation -communication: Hung Yen locates in the Northern Key Economic Region, in proximity of Noi Bai, Cat Bi Airports, Hai Phong, Cai Lan Seaports, being crossed over by major roads, national roads No 5 and 1. The province avails Thanh Tri, Yen Lanh, Trieu Duong Bridges which greatly help to connect with other provinces and international roadways. Internal communication net, fairly well developed, well serves the movement of people, industrial and service development. Investments have been done in construction of passenger ports, cargo ports on Luoc River, Hong River to beef up internal waterway communication, canal dredging is to facilitate safe navigation of 50- ton boats.


Information-communication: The telecom network has been expanded, upgraded, service fees, reduced, hence subscription is growing fast. There are actually 610,000 telephones, namely 160,000 fixed land lines, 450,000 cell phones. Average density: 53 to 100 inhabitants.


Internet subscription: 0.5/100. Every district center, township, IP has access to optical fiber transmission.


Power supply: Electric power supply to households and economic endeavors is assuredly maintained a 220kV transformer station at Pho Noi and 3 110kV stations at Pho Cao, Phu Tu, Toan Thang Kim Dong.


Water supply: There are 5 water plants of hundreds of thousands m3 supply capacity in 24 hr cycle. Water is drawn from Luoc and Hong Rivers.


Human resources:

Being adjacent to Hanoi, the capital, Hung Yen is in a position to attract abundant skilled labors, particularly, the highly skilled to work in provincial projects. Presently, more than 4,000 technicians and managerial personnel from Hanoi have come to work in Hung Yen.


Hung Yen avails 10 human resources training schools such as the technical teacher training college, finance accounting college, business administration college, outputting annually 15,000 workers, engineers in various fields.


Pho Hien College Campus, east of the municipality, 60km distant from Hanoi, lends easy access to IPs, urban centers in the Red River Delta… The campus, to be built on a 1,000ha land space will be a pluri-discipline, multi-level training group institution engaged in applied research and development of high quality industries, of the region. Pho Hien College Campus may turn out human resources to fill local and nationwide needs. Actually, 14 universities have applied for relocation in the campus.


Health service: Hung Yen health care network constantly improves and expands. Every village, ward, rural district avails medical doctors, every village, medical cadres,85% of villages meet national health care provision standard. More than 70% of village infirmaries carry out diagnosis and treatment for medical insurance bearers and do charge free diagnostically, therapeutic service to the under six agers. Extended socialization of health care service strengthens medical investment. Non state medical services in gradual development under regulatory supervision, have helped in alleviating the state health care burden. As of the end of 2008, Hung Yen availed 184 medical institutions, to note 16 state hospitals and 2 private ones altogether providing 2,500 beds.


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