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Thursday, 15 November 2012 14:41


Population: 1,732,800 (2007 statistics)

Population density: 1,048 /km2 (2007 statistics)

Work force: 950,000 plus


Natural resources

Land resources: Two soil types can be found: Mountain ous soil covers the northern part, Chi Linh, Kim Mon districts, taking 11% of natural land space. It’s of low fertility, thin top layer, humus deficient, mostly suitable to wood trees, fruit crops (litchi, pineapple), industrial crops (ground nut, tea) planting…


The plain soil type makes up 89% of the land, consisting mainly of fluvial alluvium deposited by Thai Binh River. It’s highly fertile, suitable for high-yield plant crops in intensive culture.


Water resources: The province is endowed with a fairly dense waterways network consisting of Thai Binh and Luoc Rivers, An Kim Hai, Bac Hung affluent, which makes alluvial deposits, depositing alluvium to fields, supplies water for economic production, and concurrently serves as communication channels enabling intra-provincial goods transport and traffic between Hai Duong and other provinces of the region.


Surface water, fairly abundant, comes from rivers, rivulets of every size, lakes, swamps, canals and ditches of wide extent. Underground water: there is a sizeable reserve.


Drilled well scan supply 30-50m3 in 24 hours. Well water mainly comes from pleistocene pockets; its Cl content is under 200mg per liter. Common tapping layers locate at an average depth of 40-120m. Underground water can be judiciously tapped for household use in the northern part of the province… Moreover, underground water at the depth of 250-350m has been found in many other places of the province. It has good quality, high reserves, high potential for steady supply to economic production and people’s home use.


Mineral resources: Though not abundant, some minerals hold large deposits, good quality and high economic value, serving as raw materials for industrial development. Worth mentioning are limestone, kaolin, heat resistant clay. Hai Duong also avails stone, sand, pebble, coal, lignite, clay, bauxite, mercury and a lot of others, for construction materials fabrication.


Hai_Duong_overview_8Tourist resources: Resources for tourism are fairly rich, particularly in Chi Linh, Kinh Mon rural districts. Chi Linh is endowed with endless mounts and hills, lush green forests, sceneries, natural lakes, cultural relics: Phuong Hoang Ky Lan site is a good destination for nature outing, sight seeing, mountain climbing, historical landmarks visiting – Con Son-Kiep Bac, a natural-spiritual site related to the lives of national heroes cum world cultural personalities, Nguyen Trai, Tran Hung Dao. This place also reminisces of other famous Vietnamese figures of Tran Nguyen Han, Huyen Quang, and indeed, is one of the 3 meditation centers of Truc Lam school of philosophy (Con Son - Yen Tu – Truc Lam). Kinh Mon in the limestone mountain area offers wondrous caves to explore. Here remains relics of the neo stone age: Mount An Phu bearing the temple of An Sinh Vuong Tran Lieu, father of Tran Hung Dao, on top, and Tran Hung Dao monument at the foot Kinh Chu caves and Duong Nham limestone mount speak of the glorious pages of history of Vietnamese fighting against Nguyen aggressors. Districts of the plain region also hold potential for good tourist business because of attractive scenery, prosperous rural communities telling of cultural traits of North Vietnam. Thanh Ha fruit orchards won fame for its litchi variety. Other places of interest are Lang Co (Chi Lang Nam), Thanh Mien, Van Mieu (Mao Dien), Chu Dau (ceramic works).


Hai Duong foreign investment attraction

As one of the top 10 foreign investment destinations of the nation, Hai Duong Province, has, up to April 2009, hosted 201 FDI projects coming from 23 countries and territories. Their total registered capital amounted to USD 2,315.1m, paid-up capital, USD 1,250.7m (54% of registered capital). The economy has grown fast thanks to important contributions by FDI. Average annual growth in 2001-2005 was 10.8%, 10.97% in2006-2008. 2008 economy scaled up 1.37 times that of 2007.


With 115 projects in business operation, FDI enterprises in Hai Duong territorial compass currently employ some 64.215 laborers of direct work force and thousands of indirect laborers. They mainly focuses on automobile industry, electronics, electric cables, garments, farm and food products, animal feed processing. High financial power firms as well as those of high industrial investment potential tend increasingly to converge on Hai Duong Province; to note particularly, the Sumidenso Group from Japan, the Brother Qualcom Group from the U.S. Successful FDI enterprises have given Hai Duong a socioeconomic face-lift. The sole year of 2006 saw FDI enterprises revenue reaching USD 468.5m, surpassing that of 2005 by 42.9%. Their revenue rose to USD 704.5m in 2007, 1,213m in 2008 (72.2% higher than 2007) 2008 export revenue accounted for nearly USD 700m, remittances to state coffers overshot USD 70m.


The above achievements owed to Hai Duong’s ability to maximally capitalize its propitious location in the Northern Key Economies Region, in concurrence with infrastructures building focus to meet investors’ requirements. Besides, investors have also been enticed by the local government’s initiative and timeliness of action as regards administrative proceedings resolution. Local authorities constantly pay heed to creation of liberal, clear mechanisms conform to regulations governing FDI attraction. The one window - continuity mechanism” has been instituted and extended to resolve enterprise related problems. Perfection of concrete policies to assist foreign investors in project implementation is also being sought.


According to Hai Duong socio-economic development master plan, projections to 2010 call for establishment of 10 IPs as approved by the Government in readiness for ushering in a new wave of foreign investment.


For further convenience to investors, the province has made plans to build 30 ICs in propitious sites easily accessible to transport, power supply, information-communication. It may be said that Hai Duong is taking initiatives to implement procedural working and developing best suited policies for investment attraction to increasingly affirm itself a magnet to foreign investor.


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