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Hai Phong Municipal Socioeconomic Develoment To 2020 - Part 1 PDF Print
Thursday, 10 January 2013 15:44

VIETRHai_Phong_Municipal_Socioeconomic_Develoment_To_2020_-_1ADE - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TARGETS:

General target:

- Building up Hai Phong City into a modern and civilized city worthy of a nation-class urban center and a vital gate to sea, a trade, tourism, service, and fishery center for northern region, and a city with an economic structure shifting towards industrialization and modernization, a good infrastructures, environmental protection.


- Keeping up an effective and sustainable economic growth rate; scaling up its economic competition; initiative integration to an international economy; implementing effectively economic foreign affairs.


- Springing up science and technology; making a seasonal plan that associates mechanization and modernization with application of information technology and biotechnology to improve technology for its economy.


Concrete target between 2010 and 2020:

- Hai Phong goes all out to make up some 4.5% of the nation GDP by 2010, and about 7.3% by 2020 and to gain average GDP growth rate of 13-13.5% in the period of 2006-2010 and 13.5-14% in the period of 2011-2020, higher than NKER by some 1.3 fold. Hai Phong GDP is expected to reach USD 1,800-1,900 by 2010 and USD 4,900-5000 by 2020.


Average annual projected growth rate is as follows:

- Hai Phong pulls out all the stops to hit its export turnover of USD 1.9-2.0 billion by 2010 and some USD 6 billion by 2020.

- Hai Phong is to complete a modern infrastructure on par with developed cities in the region



Development for economic sectors and domains:


- Average growth rate of construction-industry in the period of 2006-2010 shall be 14% and carry on the rate in the period of 2011-2020. Putting up industry-construction density out of its GDP by 39-40% by 2010 and 33-34% by 2020


- Scaling up Hai Phong Industry’s a stable foothold in northern region and the country; some sectors, industrial products of Hai Phong doing all their best to be well known over the region and the world.


- Main products by 2010 comprise 80,000 tonnage shipbuilding, cement, steel, informatics equipment, mechanical products, spare parts, electronic components, motors, electrical motors, textile, garment, leather shoes. From 2010 on, there are, coupled with the products above, automatic products (automatic equipment, robots…), high grade magnetism material, high technology material (insulating and anti-abrasion products), isolated polymer ceramic, conducted polymer, new material, composite material, and comprehensive polymer…


Hai_Phong_Municipal_Socioeconomic_Develoment_To_2020_-_2- Making a priority plan for manpower and a preferential policy for sectors and major industrial products such as shipbuilding and repairing, mechanics, electronics, high-grade consumer goods, chemicals, and construction materials.


- Industrial product turnover reaching USD 1.3-1.5 billion by 2010 and some USD 3 billion by 2020.


- Shifting industrial structure towards beefing up traditional, up-hand, and main sectors; building up new sectors and industrial products, particularly in preferential products for NKER development; raising auxiliary sectors, high grade consumer goods making sectors, especially products for export; making a rise in a private-run industry, particularly a foreign-run industry for main sectors; moving more laborers employing industry to rural areas.


- Building up intensive IPs and ICs connected with township development, multi-forms of enterprises; beefing up investment in modernization and change of technology equipment.



- Development towards intensive production, high technology, quality, high productivity, effect, high competition, and safe food; processing industry and consumption markets in parallel; assuring sustainable and rapid growth, reaching 5% per annum in the period of 2006-2010 and some 6.4% per annum in the period of 2010-2020.


- Agricultural structure shifted in the direct of making a rise in breeding, cultivating valuable seedlings suitable to every local soil, farming crops effectively; essential products are composed of rice, corn, vegetables, beans, greenery, fruit trees, and export suckling pigs, poultry, and beef.


- As for fishery, being a fishery center for strains, feed, and science-technology, processing, export for the region and a center for provision of aquatic product demand for northern region and IPs.


- As for forestry, looking to management and protection of forest, especially in currently protective one; cementing belts of protective forest; building up breakwater to protect current forest and plant trees on tide beaches.

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