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Monday, 28 November 2011 11:53


By its investment attraction efforts, over the past years, Vinh Phuc has made important breakthroughs since, in a short time, it attracted investment by world strong-brand companies which are doing brisk business. The year 2008, in particular, may be said rocky to business enterprises facing world economic crisis, yet investment attraction into Vinh Phuc was extremely successful. 

Investment attraction:

The year 2008, Vinh Phuc IPs administrative board issued investment certificates to 112 projects and proceeded to capital increment for 15 projects. To note with regard to domestic investments (DDI): certification issuance to 86 new projects with 5,516.08bn VND registered capital, plus 8 expansion investment projects with capital increment of 415.79bn. DDI capital increment plus new DDI capital projects amounted to a total of 5,931.87bn VND in 2008. 


As regards foreign direct investment projects (FDI), Vinh Phuc IPs administrative board granted certification to 26 new investment projects at 526.2m USD registered capital, 7 capital increment business expansion projects at 14.8m USD. Taken together capital from old and new FDI projects in 2008 came to 541m USD.


In August, 2008, Me Linh District was restituted to Hanoi City, Vinh Phuc IPs administrative boards passed on 300 domestic and FDI projects in Me Linh to Hanoi jurisdiction: 231 DDI projects with a total capital of 24,970.83b VND, 59 FDI projects with 446.55mn USD.


Therefore, as of 2008 year ending, the territorial compass of Vinh Phuc has hosted 357 valid projects undergoing investment proceedings through provincial IPs administrative board: 100 FDI projects at 1,986.4bn USD capital and 257 DDI projects at 15,437.32bn VND.

- Investment projects located inside IPs, ICs: 171 (87 DDI and 84 FDI projects) making 47.9% of the total, capital invested was 1,512.65m USD (76.15% of the total FDI capital) plus 3,246.84b VND (21.03% of DDI capital)


- Investment projects outside IPs, ICs: 186 (170 DDI projects and 16 FDI projects) making 52.1% of the total, investment capital was 473.806m USD (23.85% of the FDI capital total) plus 15,437.33bn VND (78.97% of the DDI capital total).


Some results in project implementation state and production business effectiveness of  investment projects inside IPs in the province:

The year 2008 saw an additional 20 projects in business operation (9 DDI projects and 11 FDI projects). In accumulation to the year 2008 ending, there were in the compass of the province 144 projects in business operation (82 DDI projects and 62 FDI projects) making 40.34% of the total investment projects. 2008 newly operational projects concentrated mainly in the compass of Binh Xuyen, Khai Quang IPs, Hop Thinh ICs…


DDI project paid-up capital at the end of 2008 amounted to 5,802.42bn VND, making 37.59% of the total registered investment capital valid project. FDI paid-up capital was 149.9m USD, rising 103% against the same period the previous year. Cumulative FDI projects paid-up capital to the end of 2008 reached 623.6mn USD, making 31.4% of the total investment capital.


Over all, business operation projects inside IPs have done well, particularly FDI projects whose economic norms in industrial output value, revenue, exports, budget remittances, all grew higher than those of the year 2007, exceeding target. Investment projects in IPs, ICs of the provincial territory built a new face to Vinh Phuc industries, greatly contributed to the growth and socio-economic development of the province, labor employment and local economic structure shifting.



In order to create a platform for investment attraction, Vinh Phuc industrial parks administrative board keeps on perfecting industrial park development plans for 2015 with vision to the year 2020. According to plans, from now on to 2015, there will be an additional 10 IPs, namely: Tam Duong I (700ha), Nam Binh Xuyen (304ha), Phuc Yen (150ha), Lap Thach II (450ha), Lo River I (250ha), Lo River II (180ha), Lap Thach I (150ha), Tam Duong II (1,000ha), Tan Tien – Yen Lap (116ha), Vinh Tuong (300ha). The total land space petitioned for new amended planning to year 2015 is 3,600ha. Orientation to the period of 2016-2020 will call for a continual addition of IPs covering a planned land space of 1,750ha to accommodate Cao Dai (300ha), Thai Hoa – Lien Son – Lien Hoa (800ha), Yen Binh (500ha) and Trung Nguyen (150ha). Thus, the total number of IPs in the compass of Vinh Phuc Province by the year 2020 will reach 23, with land space accommodation of 7,860ha.


Moreover, Vinh Phuc will maintain and drive forth investment promotion, intensify publicity on a dynamic investment environment, create the most favorable conditions to attract investment, particularly FDI investment and at the same time, will perfect plans for the development of the power grid, water supply, communication network to the year 2015 and vision to 2020. The province will push infrastructures building companies to speed up construction and perfection of infrastructures in IPs, in particular, waste water treatment to avoid pollution of the IP environment; it will keep close coordination with authorities, various division levels to resolve problems in land-clearance-compensation for projects to sit in IPs or outside, energize project management after investment, keep on implementing effectively the mechanism of “one window”, urge infrastructures builders to hasten land-clearance-compensation to release clean land for investment perfecting in technical infrastructures inside IPs.

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