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Friday, 16 March 2012 17:01

economic_situation_in_Cantho_City_-_5IETRADE - Industrial Parks (IPs)

- Tra Noc IP: 290 ha, lying by the national highway 91 to An Giang, Kien Giang and beside Ha River to Cambodia and the East Sea; one kilometre from Tra Noc Airport, 2 kilometres from Can Tho Port, 10 kilometres from Can Tho City center to the north. These following industries are given priority to develop: food processing, mechanical industry, electric and electronic industries, machinery spare parts, automobile industry, construction materials, consumer goods production, pharmaceutical products, etc. Tra Noc IP is divided into two areas: Tra Noc I and Tra Noc II.


+ Tra Noc I IP: established in 1995, 135 ha, lying in Tra Noc Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City. 100% of the land filled in 2010, 112 ha hired. There are 117 projects with the registered capital of US$ 328.218 million. The effectuated capital is US$ 305.942 million equaling 93.21% of the registered capital.


+ Tra Noc II IP: established in 1998, 155 ha, lying in Phuoc Thoi Ward, O Mon District, Can Tho City and adjacent to Tra Noc I IP. 91.8% of the industrial land filled in 2010. There are 54 projects with the total registered capital US$ 517.574 million; the effectuated capital is US$ 233.014 million making up 45.02% of the registered capital.


- Hung Phu IP: 466.6 ha, lying by Ha River, four kilometers form Can Tho City to the south. Hung Phu IP is a general one with these following industries given priority to: mechanical manufacture, electric and electronic equipment assembly, agricultural products processing, frozen and canned aquatic products, construction materials manufacture, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics production, and other processing industries. Besides, there also are transportation and import-export services at this IP.


Hung Phu IP is divided into three areas:

+ Hung Phu I IP (262 ha): lying in Tan Phu Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City and was approved by the Prime Minister in 2004. 28.8 ha of industrial land hired with five projects (in which, three projects had been formed before the IP was established). Two projects have been put into operation with the registered capital of US$ 90.679 million. The effectuated capital is US$ 35.787 million, making up 39% of the registered capital.


+BMC–Hung Phu 2A IP: 134 ha, 15.51% of the industrial land filled. 3 projects have been registered on an area of 15,2 ha with the registered capital of US$ 61.32 million. 2 projects have been put into operation with the effectuated capital of US$ 20.627 million, making up 33.64% of the registered capital.


+ Hung Phu 2B: 78 ha. All investment and construction procedure has been completed.


- Thot Not IP:

The period I is in operation: 146,7 ha (including 4 stages of Thot Not Industrial Cluster) and is supplemented to the plan for industrial parks by the Government at the Document 2209/TTg-KTN dated 19/12/2008. The period II with an area of 400 ha is being planned on a scale of 1/2,000. There are 9 projects with the invested capital of US$ 125.145 million; the effectuated capital is US$ 67.807 million making up 54.18% of the registered capital. The Thot Not IP Infrastructure Construction Center is exploiting the period I: 150.5 ha of Thot Not IP; Thoi Thuan Resettlement Area: 24.23 ha. The area of period I is 14.3 ha with the invested capital of about 42.5 billion VND.


-North O Mon IP (400 ha): has been submitted to the City’s Architectural Planning Council. Because there is an adjustment of the city’s general plan to 2020 with the orientation to 2050, the council has decided to slow down the implementation of the IP until the general plan has been approved by the Prime Minister.

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