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Friday, 04 May 2012 15:25

VIETRADE - In case of land lease expiry whereby the state takes the land back, when deduction for land support funding and fixed assets on the land has not been effected, the investor will be compensated according to regulations concerning compensation for land claim by the state.


- As regards of the investment projects in the compass of districts of Nam Dong, A Luoi.

The provincial authorities take on compensation for land clearance and pass to the investor for project implementation.

According to the nature, scale and characteristics of the investment project, provincial authorities will make use of the local budget to help with compensation spending on resettlement. The extent of financial support will be decided by the Provincial People’s Committee to each concrete project.


Assistance in technological transfer:

For very particular preferential investment project involving modern technology transfer, source technology transfer, industrial technology for development of new products, productivity uplifting, competitiveness enhancement, quality upgrading, production, cost saving and cost effectiveness boosting, effective utilization of energy, fuel, natural resources, the provincial authorities will provide financial assistance in the amount of 10% of the cost value of technology transfer, not exceeding 2 billion VND for each project.


Assistance in training costs:

The investor benefits from assistance in expenditures incurred in initial training of workers directly involved in production activities; the training being held at local professional training centers, concretely as follows:


- For very particular preferential and preferential investment projects, maximal assistance at 50% of training cost:

- As for in-house training (according to the technology transfer contract) to be done in the premises  of the industrial plant or to be undertaken overseas, investors will also benefit from assistance only to the extent of training costs charged by local domestic professional training centers.


Assistance in professional training service, technical formation and managerial skill training services:

Enterprises endowed with professional training, technical formation, managerial skills training service functions will benefit from a one-time assistance in the amount of 30% of the spending in teaching, training equipment, not exceeding 0.5 billion VND.


Assistance in implementation of managerial systems:

Enterprises up building or implementing modern quality management system such as ISO 9,000, ISO 14,000, SA 8,000, HACCP, GMP will get assistance in the amount of 30% of consultancy expenses and certification costs according to contract with the authoritative certification agency.


Assistance in trade promotion:

Investment enterprises benefit from assistance in travel cost for business promotion of new products, in new overseas markets concretely as follows.

-  Financial assistance not exceeding 50 million VND per travel and unit for a period of 2 years applicable to very particular preferential investment projects.

- Financial assistance not exceeding 30 million VND per travel and unit for a period of 2 years applicable to preferential investment projects.


Investment brokerage commendation and reward system:

Commendation and reward to individuals, organizations meritorious in mobilization of investment (investment brokers) activities, drawing in investment in the province, are made known as follows.

- A drawn-in investment project capitalized at 5 to under 10 million USD gets 50 million VND reward

- A drawn-in investment project capitalized at 10 to under 30 USD gets 70 million reward.

- A drawn-in investment project capitalized at 30 million USD and above gets 100 million VND reward.


State workers e.g. provincial organizations, agencies, cadres and civil servants making investment brokerage merits out of the realm of assigned functions get rewarded in the amount of 10% of the above mentioned reward rates.


Rewards will only be handed out at 50% value upon complete fulfillment of project formalities required by the state project constructions having been started. When the project has gone into business operation, full amount of the reward will be paid out Application of preferential investment:


- The investor benefits from preferential consideration by the domestic promotional investment law, the foreign investment into Viet Nam law and subsequent preferential tax laws.

- The investor implementing the investment project is eligible to benefit from this regulation of preferential treatment in the remaining time from the date this regulation takes effect.


Time table for completion of administrative formalities:

From the submission date of complete, legal dossier of the investment project, the administrative processing time taken to came to decision end result schedule as follows:


- Issuance of business registration certificate + tax code identification + official business seal: not exceeding 6 working days.

- Issuance of investment license:

+ Project investment registration: not exceeding 7 working days

+ Project investment assessment/ valuation: not exceeding 20 working days

+ Issuance of land utilization certificate: not exceeding 7 working days

+ Issuance of project planning: not exceeding 7 working days

+ Issuance of construction permit: not exceeding 7 days.


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