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Monday, 14 May 2012 11:42


Geographical location and developing orientation:

The Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone composes of the following administrative units: Lang Co town and communes of Loc Thuy, Loc Tien and Loc Vinh (Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province). It borders the East Sea in the north and  northeastern, Danang City in the south, the communes of Loc Binh, Loc Tri (Phu Loc District) in the west.


Total area: 27,108 ha

The Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone shall be planned to be the huge international trade centre of the Central Key Economic Region, also bonded and unbonded area. Industrial zones will be developed in the main way of clean industry, light industry, hi-tech industry, tourismserving industry and projects of building new city which is in harmony with natural condition and parallel to the protection and reservation of ecology and environment. (According to the Decision No. 1363/QÑ-TTg in October 10, 2007 of the Prime Minister on approval of a general plan, building-up the Chan May - Lang Co EconoZone of Thua Thien Hue Province to the year of 2025).


Development objectives:

- The Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone is considered as a linking bridge that connects Hue with Danang. This creates an important growth pole in the Central Key Economic Region.

- To build Chan May - Lang Co into a comprehensive, multi-functional and multi-sectorial economic zone following the “zone in zone” model.

- To build Chan May new urban area and Lang Co tourist and service area into one of the tourist and service centers of the Central Key Economic Region and of the whole country.

- Zone linked with the effective investment and exploitation of Chan May deep sea port, creating a gateway to the East Sea of the south of Laos PDR, the northeastern of Cambodia, the northeastern of Thailand and the whole Mekong Sub-region countries.


Development orientations:

Together with the economic zones of Chu Lai, Dung Quat, and Nhon Hoi, etc which are gradually becoming a growth nuclear of the whole region and a linking bridge with the markets of the northeast of Thailand, the north central of Lao PDR and Yunnan (China).


Funtional areas:

- Economic and commercial area: 2,003 ha of which duty-free area: 962 ha and customs area: 1,041 ha

- Tourist area: 4,250 ha

- Urban area : 2,574 ha

- Port area    :  684 ha

- Others        : 2,930 ha

- Land for long-term development: 14.666 ha




The Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone is located on the National Highway 1A and the trans-Vietnam railway, near to Phu Bai and Da Nang airports. This economic zone owns Chan May Port which can accommodate vessels of 30,000 DWT and tourist ships. Chan May is considered as a deep water port which is very close to Lao Bao border gate.


The transportation system here mostly connects to the functional areas such as the tax-suspension area, industrial zones, Chan May urban center, Chan May Port, and Lang Co - Canh Duong tourist area which has recently been put into operation.


Water supply:

With the capacity of 6,000 m3 /day, Chan May water plant meets the water supply requirements for production, trade and domestic use activities in this period.

In the period of 2006 - 2010, a new water supply plant was built at Thuy Yen - Thuy Cam dam with the capacity of 25,000m3 /day. This capacity will be increased up to 83,000 m3 /day by the year 2020.


Power supply:

The power source for Chan May area is of the national electricity system which originates from Danang station with 500/220/110kV. In the next time, Chan May   electricity station of 220/110 kV - (2x125 MVA) will be established to adequately supply power for production and domestic use activities at Chan May - Lang Co.


Waste treatment:

A solid waste treatment plant has been built to the east of Phuoc Tuong pass with an area of 30 ha.



The post and telecommunication station has been built to serve information exchange requirements at Chan May.

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