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Friday, 18 January 2013 14:36

VIETRADE - Solutions to Human resources (HR) development strategy to meet the needs of industrial/service development in the Region

To develop the economy, it is required to have resources such as capital, science and technology, natural resources and human resources; To rapidly and sustainably grow, it is necessary to be based on the three basic factors that are application of new technologies, development of the modern facilities and improvement of HR quality. Experiments show that HR development is the key factor to create efforts to resolve problems including efficiency, justice, stability, and growth. Being aware of the decisive role of HR in comparison with other resources in the national industrialization and modernization, the Party asserted that “Human is the most valuable resource with the decisive role, especially for our country with the limited financial and material resources”.


For the Central Key Economic Zone, the number of industrial labors accounts for rather great proportion, during the industrialization and modernization, millions of farmers need to be trained to move to other jobs, particularly the group of people whose lands are collected by the Government to build industrial parks and economic zones. This puts high pressure on the vocational training in the forth coming time. Therefore, the following solutions in the development strategy should be carried out to meet the demand for industrial/service development in the Region:


- To forecast and identify HR needs: The HR needs in the Region should be investigated and accessed in terms of quality, quantity and job structure, especially the current situation of lack of skilled and qualified labors. Such needs either current assessments or near future forecasts (in 5-7 years) to apply the training policies to wait in front of necessary jobs in near future.


Accordingly, the typical HR needs directly impacting on the quality and production/service efficiency as well as factors affecting to the socio-economic development could be identified in respect of HR.



- To make planning of training institution network: The training institution network should be planned to improve the training efficiency and supply labor with ensuring the quantity, quality and job structure to satisfy the social demand. In order to obtain this, the training institution network need planning in accordance with the following principles: to comply with the local socio-economic development, conform to the State investment capability and resource mobilization capability of the whole society; to facilitate everyone to take part in building training institutions to meet the HR needs of enterprises and to satisfy the learning demand of people, especially the group of people who need to change their jobs in case their lands are collected by the Government.


- Some major universities such as Da Nang University, Hue National University will act as the Center of “Spreading effect” to provide guidance navigator on improving and connecting to other training institutions to train based on demands of enterprises. Training institutions in the Region need to be specialized and coordinated supplemented in order to support each other (in terms of trainers, program, and science and technology research). The most important thing is to strengthen the close coordination among training institutions and enterprises in designing and applying the training programs and in evaluating the training quality and using labors, in order to carry out training in accordance with the demand of enterprises.


- Centers of science and technology institution have been established in the Region to focus on researching critical socio-economic development issues of the Region (development strategy, planning, labor market information, environment pollution and protection, water source, energy, agriculture – forestry – fisheries).


- Policies and mechanism of HR training and use: At present, people in the Central Region still would prefer their children to enter universities and colleges rather than to enter vocational training institutions or specialized intermediate schools. Consequently, the situation of “lack of workers, excess of teachers” and many people graduated from university working as common workers in big enterprises occurs popularly; this unreasonable distribution causes the waste of both time and material of learners, etc. As a result, the Government and training institutions need suitable policies and mechanism to orient careers and distribute common students, carry out inter-training, standardize teachers, verify the training quality, create motive for trainers and trainees as well as set up the salary and bonus, scholarship, tuition fee, etc.


Solutions to infrastructure development policy

- The current situation of traffic system need continue to be investigated in the whole Region, and then planned in line with the socio-economic development progress.


- It is advisable to have investment policy to develop infrastructure to direct to the synchronization of technical and social infrastructures for the purpose of improving the essential infrastructures for economic development targets, ensuring the social security and sustainable development. In detail, coastal roads from Da Nang, Hoi An, Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Dung Quat Economic Zone to Sa Huynh should be set up priority to complete; seaports including Tien Sa, Lien Chieu, Chan May, Quy Nhon need to be upgraded; Chu Lai airport also needs to be upgraded in order to be the international airport of the Central Region.


Solutions to linkage among localities in the Region for the common development

The linkage among 5 provinces and cities in the Central Key Economic Zone will bring a lot of benefits for all parties, demonstrated through the following aspects: increase of flexibility of each party in promoting the potentials and strengths of the Region; saving of resource thanks to reduction of competition cost; increase of common competiveness thanks to combination of separate strength of each party; increase of operation scale to reach the effective scale thanks to assignment, arrangement; minimization of risks thanks to sharing responsibilities.


In order to promote the advantages of the Region to create the stable connection of the Central Key Economic Zone, all provinces in the Region need to enhance and enlarge the collaboration in investment in order to improve the inter-provincial infrastructure quality, expand the market accessibility and strengthen the additional industries; establish centers and service chain services with the world cultural heritages; and coordinate to take the advantage of Eastern-western corridor to exploit transportation services along this corridor.


The more important thing is that special and steady actions should be taken in specialized manner in order to create the real competiveness advantage for the whole Region.


- It is necessary to found a specializing agency to take the mechanism to ensure the cooperation and development of the Central Key Economic Zone among 5 provinces and cities; all key infrastructure networks should be developed to serve the exploitation of Regional strengths including seaports, airports, cultural heritages, historic relics, roads, railways, electricity, sewage treatment, environment, etc.



In order to carry out the development strategy to 2025 to become the socio-economic development motive for Central Region and Central Highlands, and the transshipment and commercial exchange center of the Greater Mekong Region and Asia – Pacific Region, the Central Key Economic Zone needs use the human resource, capital and technology to overcome barriers, and make the best use of potentials and advantages for the rapid and sustainable development. The agreement, high willingness and practical actions of competent authorities and local and central authorities will be the key of success for the whole Region.

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