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Monday, 18 February 2013 14:44

VIETRADE - Human resources, particularly high quality human resources is considered one of the most important resources for economic development of the country and territory. Improving the quality of human resources is being paid more attention by policy makers. The Central key economic zone is focusing on exploiting manpower to promote the economic development and international integration. This article aims at assessing the actual situation and proposes some solutions to improve the quality of human resources of the Central key economic zone in the near future.


The Central Key Economic Zone comprises of Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang City, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa. These localities are located along the central coast with a total coastline of more than 800 km (making up about 25% of Vietnam's coastline) with a population of 8.1 million people (9.4% of the national population). These are two most important factors for the development of regional economy. In recent years, the Central Key Economic Zone contributes only 8-10% GDP, it has not promoted its role as a key economic zone. What to do and where to start to make sustainable development for this region and whereby to enhance the region's position in the country become a big question. According to the theory of economic development and experience of many countries that have experienced and achieved success, high quality human resources is the determinant for economic development. The economic development based on high quality human resources and maritime resources is surely successful. However, what should be done to improve the quality of human resources is a big concern.



The quality of human resources plays a very important role in economic development. The models of economic development have confirmed this idea when they argue that sustainable development requires the accumulation of capital, technological and engineering development. These factors are associated with and dependent on the quality of human resources, in case quality of labour force is poor or human capital is honest, it is impossible to create and make capital accumulation and technological development. Both micro and macro evidences showed the importance of factors' quality for economic development.


Improving the quality of human resources is clearly very essential. To improve the quality of this factor, it not only focuses on enhancing educational background and professional skills for the labour but it also improve physical level through enhancing health, raising the living condition of people However, how to improve educational background, professional skills and physical level of the. human resources? In many researches, it is said that developing health and education systems plays a very important role, however, it is very necessary to propose appropriate policies of labor use and treatment. In addition, improvement of social welfare system is also a great significance in enhancing the quality of human resources.


Solution to improve human resources quality of the Central key economic zone

Combination of socio-economic development and HR among provinces in the Central Key Economic Zone

There should be the unification between planning and socio-economic development strategy for the whole region. Allocation of labor and intensive specification among provinces should be carried out to effectively exploit HR and other local and regional strengths. The bal ance between labor and other production factors should be ensured. The system of towns, townships needs be formed to create the economic service center in rural areas to attract rural labors.


Each province needs develop its own economic structure in order for rapid development and HR improvement, simultaneously create a territorial structure for the whole region. Currently, almost localities have the same economic development orientation and economic movement, which creating the wasteful decentralization. For instant, in terms of industry – service – agriculture development orientation, they mostly develop textile and agriculture products, etc, leading to the shortage of  the input materials, labors and unfair competition.


It is necessary to encourage the development of small industrial zones, small and medium enterprises in rural areas, at the same time maintain and develop the non-agricultural industries in rural areas to create more jobs and raise income to help workers leaving agriculture without leaving their homeland.


In the Central Key Economic Zone, there are dozens of universities and colleges and many vocational training intermediate schools where high-quality HR is staying; however, they lack of uniform allocation but locate in some localities only. The combination among provinces in Central Key Economic Zone to improve HR, strong provinces such as Da Nang, Thua Thien Hue will provide the training for other provinces and support such provinces to develop their own system.


In the condition of under-developed science and technology, the localities can order universities to conduct the researches on technology and management issues that the localities concern, facilitating the universities to combine research and training together.


Adjustment of population policy and family planning

Instead of slowing down the population growth rate, the regional provinces should focus on improving HR quality and social services to care reproductive maternal health, reduce the malnutrition of mothers and children.


Population policy and family planning will be continued to maintain and improved by minimizing the sex interventions to reduce the gender imbalance. Simultaneously, extensive measures should be applied to propagate to all people, especially people in rural and remote areas. (to be continued)

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