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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 14:51

VIETRADE - Improvement of medical and health care system for local people

To improve the physical qualification and quality of social services, the labor income should be increased on the basis of stable jobs and social justice to create favorable conditions for children of poor families to access the medical and educational services.


Health care system should be constantly improved and expanded, especially in remote areas with the required number of nurses and doctors. It is necessary to implement the following programs: Preventive medicine and disease prevention, malaria prevention, malnutrition prevention for children under 5 years old, health care for pregnant women and family planning program. The program to improve physical strength and stature of the Vietnamese will be executed thanks to nutrient solution and sports.


Improvement and enhancement of educational system quality

Firstly,  the common education should be developed. Training programs and teaching methods should be innovated in order to make the youth be self-confident and creative to join in a future society with their basic educational qualification and keep up with the socio-economic development; in addition, they must have good health, self awareness and responsibility in their family and society. Teaching differentiation and vocational guidance need to be conducted for students after they graduate from secondary schools. Besides, educational investment fund should be strengthened and effectively used; teaching staff must be developed in terms of required quantity and quality and reasonable structure; education universalization must be implemented.


Secondly, university education should be developed. At first, all programs and textbooks should be standardized. All programs and textbooks must be developed based on the orientation of University education, namely training to serve the socio-economic development. Next, the teaching staff as well as students, teaching facilities also need to be standardized; training and scientific research should be combined together. At the same time, educational management and international collaboration should be enhanced.


Thirdly, vocational training needs developing also. Vocational training program must be standardized. The vocational training should be attached to the development requirements of each locality, and there should be the combination among localities. The authorities need enhance investment in vocational training and not only consider this investment to be a development investment but also promote the vocational training socialization. In order to implement the vocational training socialization, the priority is set for implementing the vocational training programs for rural labors and youth.


Suitable policies on recruitment, utilization, compensation and dismissal

This is a critical stage in the HR development. From the local and international experience, the lack of one good policy on the recruitment, utilization and compensation in both macro and micro scale, the HR cannot be developed.


Firstly, the recruitment policy is to recruit appropriate employees, work performance is used to be the effective measure without differentiating recruited persons, while the procedures, criteria, working condition, compensation and recruitment process must be public and transparent. In addition, the person being in charge of recruitment must be high-qualified; we can even hire the more consultants or apply the probation.


Utilization of appropriate employees will make them to promote their capacity and satisfy the employment need, and more importantly, once employment need is created, the employee capacity must be improved. Based on the demand for technical change, production technology and management of enterprises, provinces will sign contracts with universities or centers. The achieved profit will be partially used for reinvestment on research.


Benefits on salary, materials, working conditions and promotion opportunity will make employees love their job and promote their best capacity. Employees who do not meet job requirements and finish their assigned tasks must be dismissed, creating conditions for other candidates to promote their abilities. This is the inevitable development process, creating pressure for people to constantly improve and enhance their capabilities.


These aspects are in close relationship and supplement to each other in the overall policy. Currently this policy has not mostly been done well, all localities appeal for talents by many methods; however, once the qualified labors have not got benefits from policy on compensation and utilization, they will have no favourable condition to promote their ability, then appealing for talents will not bring any effective result. Perhaps managers should answer the question why successful labors in the Central Key Economic Zone do not want to work in their hometown?


Improvement of social welfare system

Social welfare system with its components such as social insurance (pension insurance,  unemployment insurance, compulsory health insurance, etc), social aids, allowances from public funds, household allowances, reserve funds, labor protection provided by employers, social welfare related- services, etc will support people to fulfill their human rights and live in peace; be free in working, accommodation and travelling; be protected and equal before laws; be educated and have jobs and house; get income to satisfy the essential needs when being at risks, accidents, old ages, etc. A well-organized social welfare system will significantly contribute to improve the HR quality in the region.


All these solutions have mutual relationship, thus the simultaneous implementation should be carried out.

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