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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 15:35

VIETRlogo_cucADE - II/ Building Thua Thien Hue as one of the multisectoral and multidisciplinary education and training centers of high quality in period 2012-2015, and vision to 2020


 Building Thua Thien Hue as one of the multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary center of education – training of high quality of the country; constructing Hue University as a national university. The network of universities are targeted to develop completely, with synchronous and modern technical infrastructure, teaching and learning facilities; a professional and competent staff of teachers with passion of career, those who have capability of scientific research and technological transfer; as a foundation for the modernization, industrialization and step-by-step, forming the intellectual economy.


Scheduled figures

- Training of master and  PhD increases by 30 - 35%; it is hoped to increase by 30% in territory education; and more new training majors in the aspect of economics – technique – technology. Annually, there are 37 - 40 thousand new students of universities and colleges, 12 - 15 thousand students of professional or vocational training schools.


- Lecturers of universities and colleges, who are holding academic titles of professor, associate profes sor, doctor rises by 30-35% as compared to now.


- 100% of teachers in professional, vocational training schools reach standard as required, of which, 15 - 20% are post-graduated.


- 100% of pre-school and general education teachers should reach standard, of which 60 - 65% is of over- fulfilled.


- Setting up over 15 key, advanced and interna- tional linking training majors, of which, there are 3-5 training programs granting the same degree; 20-25 training programs being recognized in terms of na- tional quality certificates, 2-3 programs involved in quality assurance of AUN (Asian University Net- work). 100% of training institutions experience edu- cation quality assurance.


- Ratio of graduated students having job reaches more than 70%.


- Ratio of students graduated from high school at good, excellent grade is 15-17%, those passing university test reaches 40-45%, improving quality and quantity of national and international excellent students.


- Improving scope of national standardized schools model in all levels: pre-school 25 - 30%, primary school: 70 - 75%, secondary school: 30 - 35%, high school: 25 - 30%.


III/ Construct Thua Thien Hue as one of the science – technology centers of the nation in period 2011-2015, vision to 2020.

1. Targets

Build Thua Thien Hue as one science – technology centers of the nation, with a system of modern and syn- chronous facilities and technical infrastructure; with the staff of officers operating in science –technology, those are capable of acquiring, mastering, developing advanced technologies and modernizing conventional technologies; possessing many valuable study works on science – technology, preferring social science and humanity, medicine, etc, contributing to improvement of labor productivity and growth quality of the econ- omy, bettering physical and mental life for people, se- curing national defense and security.


2. Schedule figures

1. By 2015, basically meeting demand for testing medicine, cosmetic, food and inspecting all kinds of commodities, works, technologies on the locality.


2. Training, setting up the staff of officers working in science and technology, being powerful for re- searching, acquiring and developing new technologies. Raising number of officers in science and technology in 2015 to 1.2 times and as much as twice in 2020 in comparison with 2011.


3. By 2015, it is expected that number of scientific papers published on national and international magazines can increase by twice. In 2020, number of in- vention, useful solution nationally and globally pro- tected increase by 10 times compared to nowadays and there would be scientific works being awarded with State prize.


4. Qualification, capacity of technology shall reach over the standard level of the nation, raising contribu- tion to total factor productivity (TFP) in GDP reaching more than 32% in the year 2015.


5. Investment in science and technology reaches 1.5% in total local budget expenditure in 2015 and more than 2% in 2020.


IV/ Building Thua Thien Hue to be deserving to the stature of a specialized medical center of the Central Region and the whole nation in period 2012-2015, vision to 2020

1. Targets

All resources should be mobilized to comprehen- sively construct modern medical equipments; taking advantages in medical staff to finish the specialized medical center of Central Region and for the coun- try, to become a national and international trademark, inlcuding scientific research, international coopera- tion, application of advanced achievements in med- ical examination and treatment, healthcare for people, in close connection with training of high quality human resources for the Central Region and the whole nation.


2. Key figures





Number of doctors / ten thousand of people:




Graduated pharmacist/ ten thousand of people:




Ratio of hamlets having medical officer:


> 98%


Number of medical office being annually trained at university level:




Number of officer holding university degree:


- Number of professor and associate professor:

90 - 100

120- 130


- Number of Master, doctor, pharmacist, speciality I:




- Number of Master, doctor, pharmacist, speciality II:


250- 280


Number of leading medical experts in key fields:

15 - 20

20 - 30


Number of beds/ ten thousand of people:




Average expectation of life:




Completion of International Hospital in 2015.



Completion of restoring the Institute of
Royal Physicians in 2015.



Finish constructing the Testing center of drug, food and comestic in 2015.


Constructing Hue University of Medicine and Phamarcy as University of Health in 2020.

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