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Monday, 25 March 2013 11:43

VIETRADthanhphohatinh4E - Vung Ang Economic Park

Vung Ang Economic Park, 60 km away from Ha Tinh City in the south and 170 km away from Chalo Border Gate along National Road 12A, sits on 22,781 ha and is divided into 5 main functional zones: Seaport and after-port services, heavy industry- metallurgy, urban area, tourist zone – services, and non-tariff zone. The Park with  a cluster of Vung  Ang –  Duong  Son  ports  accessible  to 300,000 ton vessels will be a well-situated gateway for provinces of Central Vietnam, Laos and northern region of Thailand that want to export their products  to neighboring countries and world- wide countries or import products from them.


As from November 2011, the Park authorities gave business certificates to 150 enterprises, and 62 projects at total registered capital of USD 12 billion were given investment certificates. Concretely, 25 projects at total registered capital of USD 8,584 million came from overseas investors and 37 projects at total registered capital of VND 40,000 billion from domestic ones. 4,735 ha (3,442 ha land and 1,293 ha sea water expanse) were given permission.


To date some projects have come on stream and borne fruits. They comprise  North-  Central  Vietnam Liquefied   Gas  Depot,  Vung  Ang Petrol Depot, Vung Ang Port with quays 1 and 2 at capacity of 1.3 million tons yearly, Son Duong Deep Port. In addition, some projects are under construction such asVung Ang 1 Thermoelectric Plant (1, 200 MW), iron and steel foundry, Ha Tinh Formosa Son Duong Port, Tau Voi Tourist Area. Some big projects are under consideration to  grant licenses  such  as  oil  filter plant  at capacity of 16 million tons/ a year (USD 12.47), steel processing plant (USD 4 billion) from Thach Khe Joint Stock Company, and Vung Ang II Thermoelectric Plant (USD1.6 billion).


In 2011, many domestic and overseas investors came and seeked opportunities for their investment. Then, an assessment servey was carried out to collect their ideas saying that Vung Ang Economic Park would be a potential destination due to real preferential policies and clear mechanism. kcnvungang

Cau Treo International Border Gate Economic Park

Cau Treo International Border Gate Economic Park with 56,684 ha is 350 km away from Vientiane Capital, Laos, 220 km from Ban Peng Border Gate, Thailand, 110 km from Ha Tinh City, 100 from Vinh City. The Park is geared toward trade- service, tourism, import-export, construction, and technique infrastructure.


So far, 11 projects at total capital of VND2,000 billion have been given  investment  certificates, and more than 100 enterprises were issued business permits. 600 in thousands of small businesses were granted business permits, and an enterprise association under the Park was set up.


Thach Khe Iron Industrial Park

Thach Khe Iron Industrial Park that is 8 km distant from Ha Tinh City and 66 km from Vung Ang Sea Port functions exploitation is aimed at ore sifting, ball making, and other auxiliary industries.


When Thach Khe Iron Mine is exploited, some industries of mechanics, machine making,  and other services will follow. Thus, the Park and its neighboring areas will see a center of industry, services of iron exploitation rise.


Ha Vang Industrial Park

Ha Vang Industrial Park with 300 ha some 30 km distant from Vinh City (Nghe An) in the north and 20 km from Ha Tinh in the south focuses on fitting machinery,  electric and electronic parts making, agro-forest-fishery processing, construction materials, consumer goods, and domestic appliances producing. To date Viglacera Vietnam was issued business permit to make planning and build up some plants in the Park. khucongnghiep

Gia Lach Industrial Park

Gia Lach Industrial Park with 350 ha sits near National Road 1A and is 5 km away from Vinh City (Nghe An) in the north, and 45 km from Ha Tinh in the south. It gives priority to domestic appliances producing, mechanical item outwork, parts making, agro-forest-fishery processing, and   other industrial industries. Two plants were built up already.

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