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Friday, 21 June 2013 15:10

VIQuang_Tri_economic_development_5ETRADE - 3. Investment for the socio-economic development

-By the timely, drastic and effective implementation of the central and local policies, the capital mobilization over the past 5 years has had positive change. The total invested capital for the social development reaches 17,446 billion VND, 3 times higher than that of the five previous years, an increase of 18.7% every year, in which the state budget is 6,534 billion VND, making an annual increase of 31.5%.


-The capital mobilized from foreign and private economic sectors has rather increased, making up 49.2% of the total capital (1.4% and 48.4%, respectively). The capital being invested in the agro-forestry-fishery is 16.2%, construction-industry 26.3%, services 57.5% over the total invested capital for the social development in the period of 2006-2010.


-The development capital is allocated as planned and has closely been managed. The investment projects are chosen, arranged in order of preference, especially key works and projects approved by the Provincial People’s Council’s resolution.


-The investment management is paid attention to, especially the devolution and delegation of the power to decide the investment, investment project appraisal, basic design appraisal, bringing into play the democracy at grassroots level, strictly supervising the community investment.


-The investment has contributed to speeding up the socio-economic development, enhancing the infrastructure and basically changing the provincial look.


Priority has been given to the development of traffic system; by 2010, 110% of the commune, ward, and town has center-approached automobile roads; 35% of the rural traffic system has been concretized. Many important traffic works have been completed and put into operation.


The power-source system in the locality has been remarkably enhanced, especially the building and putting into operation of the 64-MW Quang Tri Hydroelectric plant and irrigational works, upgrading the Dong Ha Transformer Station, newly building the stations of Vinh Linh, Lao Bao, Hai Lang. Some small hydroelectric plants are being built, such as La La, lower Rao Quan, D’krong, etc. The provincial electrification program has been widened, 100% of the commune has approached national electric wires, over 99% of the household use electricity.


The information and communications system has widely been developed in all the areas in the direction of technique concentration. The post-telecommunications network in the province compass has developed rapidly and gradually modernized. The province has 63 switchboards with 82,791 numbers and 109 inner-province lines, 164 mobile transceivers covering all over the province. There are 435,000 subscribers (in which, there are 95,000 fixed ones); the telephone density is 66,5 phones/100 people, a 6.7 times increase in comparison with that of 2005. There are 190 postal service outlets, in which there are 44 post-offices; 110 communial culture – post-office outlets. The Internet service has rapidly developed with 3.8 subscribers/100 people (which was nearly none in 2005).


The irrigational system has also been invested. There are now 237 irrigational works in the province, the irrigating ability has increased by 1,000ha and the draining ability increased by 1,500ha in comparison with 2005. The irrigational system ensures the active irrigation for 37,000ha of winter-spring and summer-autumn rice crops (reaching over 70% of the area of the two crops). 10,000ha of farming land has been prevented from salt invation and small flood. Many large-scale irrigational works have been completed1 and the rate of progress of some other ones have been sped up in other that being put into operation2. 552 kilometers of irrigation canals and ditches have been invested from the Program of concretizing canals and ditches and are doing good job.


The provincial urban system includes of 1 city, 1 town, 11 townships with the total area of 17,557ha. The urban population in 2010 is 170 million people, making up 28.3% of the total provincial population. The infrastructure of the urban area have been invested; Dong Ha Town has been upgraded to city; the administrative area of Quang Tri Town has been enlarged; Cua Viet and Cua Tung Towns have been established; those urban areas of Khe Sanh-Lao Bao, Cua Viet-Cua Tung are under construction.


Dong Ha City, Quang tri Town and 10/11 townships have water-supply system and and this system is being upgraded3. The program of rural and mountainous clean water has been implemented with the total capital of 12.35 billion VND (from the provincial budget).

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