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Monday, 22 April 2013 11:40

VIETRADE - Water resource: Its surface water is mainly supplied by three big rivers, namely Thi Vai River having a length of 25 km running through the province; Dinh River, 30 km and Ray River, 120 km. On these rivers, there are three large reservoirs, namely Da Den Lake, Ray River lake and Chau Pha Lake. In addition, the province's groundwater resource is also plentiful with the total exploitation reserves of 70,000 m3/day on three main areas: Ba Ria Long Dien of 20,000 m3/day, Phu My-My Xuan, 25,000 m3, and Long Dat-Long Dien, 15,000 m3. Apart from such areas, scattered exploitation capability of groundwater is about 10,000m3/day. Ground water in the province situates at a depth of 60-90m with the average flow capacity from 10-20m3/s, as a result it is relatively easy to exploit. The ground water is capable of maximum exploitation of 500,000 m3/day, ensuring sufficient water supply for agriculture, industry and everyday life.


- Marine resource: Out of 305.4 km coastal length, about 70 km with gentle sand and blue water can offer an idealistic beach for whole year. Upon the width of about 50km2, Gianh Rai Bay is able to be built a maritime port. The continental shelf area of above 100.000 km2 brings about a decisive position in terms of national security and creates a huge potential to develop the marine economy as well. The continental shelf of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province has 661 species of fish, 35 species of shrimp, 23 species of squid, thousands of species of algae, including many species with high economic value. The exploitable marine reserves can reach a maximum quantity of 150,000-170,000 tons per annum. Its marine resource is favorable to develop maritime transport, port system, tourism and seafood mining & processing industry.


- The strength of port system: The port system is an enormous advantage of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The reserve capacity of ports in Ba Ria-Vung Tau may reach 80 million tons of cargos annually. Flowing through the province with a length of 25 km, an average width of 600- 800m and a depth from 10-20m, Thi Vai River can be constructed a port system with a capacity of 18-21 million tons of cargo/year and enables vessels of 40-60 thousand DWT to easy access. The Baria-Serece Port with a quay of 132-m long and the capacity 1.2 million tons/year has been already built there. It is able for Sao Mai-Ben Dinh area in Vung Tau City to build a deep-water port for receiving vessels of above 100,000 DWT with total annual capacity of cargo deadweight. Ben Dam Bay in Con Dao is 1.6-km wide, 4-km long, 6-18m deep in average and sheltered. Ben Dam Port’s wharf is 336-m long and allows vessels of 2,000 DWT to access. A series of ports in operation, such as oil and gas service port, fishing port, oil port, commercial port, etc. are currently invested and exploited at a 10-km section of Dinh River through Vung Tau.




- The strength of tourism: As an attractive destination, Ba Ria-Vung Tau is home to tourism resource and capable of meeting high tourism demand. Visitors feel satisfactory with various beaches here, which are awesome, flat, sunny and blue water all year round. Interestingly, some beaches are encompassed by mountains with green forest, plants and flowers and some beaches run along almost intact natural forests that are very appropriate for the ecotourism. 


The province has about 150 km of coastline with beautiful beaches, gentle sand, and clean water throughout the year such as Front Beach, Back Beach, Dau Beach and Dua Beach (at Vung Tau), Long Hai (at Long Dat), Ho Coc, Ho Tram (at Xuyen Moc, and Con Dao coastline). Associating with such beaches and pristine forests are Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu tourist area with 11.293ha, Binh Chau Hot Spring, the 6.043-ha Con Dao National Park with plentiful flora and fauna. Especially there is the relic of Con Dao prison here.


Festivals at Ba Ria-Vung Tau are mainly related to religious and belief activities, such as Dinh Co Festival (Long Hai) from February 10th to 12th (lunar calendar) & Chong Yang Festival (Long Son), Fish Praying Ceremony held at Lang Ca Ong, Thang Tam (Vung Tau) on 16/8 (lunar calendar), Ba Mieu Festival held on October 16th, 17th, 18th (lunar calendar). These festivals attract many visitors from the Southeastern provinces and they also combine with other tourism types, etc. Ideal natural condition and diversified system of historical, cultural and evolutional relic, and landscapes as the tourism resources are being exploited by Ba Ria-Vung Tau.


- The strength of IPs: Thanks to great potential for oil and gas, ports, having the largest power center, Phu My and many other favorable conditions, the province is capable of attracting investment and developing industrial parks (IP). It has been mobilizing funds to invest in infrastructure of seven IPs approved by the Prime Minister on the planning and establishment, including Dong Xuyen IP of 160.8 ha, Phu My IP 1954.4 ha, My Xuan A IP 122.6 ha, My Xuan A IP (expanded) 146.6 ha, My Xuan B1 IP 222.8 ha, My Xuan A2 IP 312.8 ha, and Cai Mep IP 670ha. Up to now, there have been 89 investment projects with the total registered capital of nearly US$ 3 billion at these IPs.(end)

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