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Friday, 19 July 2013 10:16

VIETRADE - After 15 years of being a city directly under the central government, Da Nang has been forming characteristics of a “river-end, sea-beginning” city. From a municipality in the former Quang Nam-Da Nang Province, after almost seven years (1997-2003), Da Nang has grown continuously, becoming a grade-I city with a surplus of 10 points over the standard score; especially standards on environment, population density, infrastructure, quality of service and management capacity. Since 2005, Da Nang has always been in the group having leading competitiveness in the standings of provincial competitiveness index (PCI), especially, in the three years from 2008 to 2010, Da Nang ranked first. The city has always been in the group having high rank in environmental and infrastructure indicators. The city area is expanded in every direction; the planning, adjustment, construction of urban areas have been done synchronously bringing a new look for Da Nang, ensuring the targets of social welfare, and contributing to successfully implementing the programs of “the city of 5 no’s” and “the city of 3 yes’s.”


The technical infrastructure systems and social infrastructure of the city have increased in both quantity and quality meeting the requirements and contributing to the success of national and international events, such as: the international fireworks festival by the bank of Han River, national sports and gymnastics festival, international conference on global information infrastructure, international conference on drowning prevention, the Asian Architects Congress held for the first time in Vietnam, etc. Da Nang has been recognized and highly appreciated by international organizations, from the specialized perspective, as one of the six most attractive beaches of the planet, to the wider perspective, as the city of ASEAN environmental sustainability in 2011.




The remarkable development of Da Nang over the years, firstly and foremost, comes from the proper orientation of the central government, the centralized leadership of the Party Cell and the city authorities, and especially the unanimity of Da Nang’s people, together with the active support of organizations and individuals who love this land. It can be said that the centralized leadership of the Party Cell and the city authorities originating from the legitimate aspirations of the people is the most valuable experience.


As to strategic planning, overcoming separations by natural factors (rivers, mountains) and man-made factors (the railway station, the airport in the inner city), Da Nang has oriented the urban development towards the sea in order to create new vitality, and new motivation. The bridge system which has been being built over Han River has linked many unconnected areas of the city creating conditions for the urban area to occupy more spaces. On a monthly basis, the chairman of the People’s Council, the chairman of the City People's Committee shall host a meeting to hear reports on the planning, construction, investment, and architectural plans for timely promulgating more practical directions.


Da Nang has made a detailed plan on a scale of 1/1,000 to 1/500 for the urban development which can help the authorities an initiative in urban planning management; creating joint planning joints (including boundary of projects, technical infrastructure, etc.) on the terrain at the same scale according to the national coordinate system which helps to professionalize the urban planning management, as well as to give information to any citizen; reviewing and phasing investment projects in the city compass into every 3-year period to adjust or abolish infeasible projects. In addition to announcing plans to communes and wards, the city organizes exhibitions regularly and phases planning projects for the people’s opinions.


As to space clearance, implementing policy of land withdrawal as regulated, Da Nang has used land as a financial resource for the infrastructure development and urban planning, at the same time, closely controlling the quality of planning projects in order to enhance the value of land resource; evenly dividing the added value of land in association with the newly invested infrastructure and ensuring the development as planned. The success of this policy comes from the strong support from the people. Thanks to this consent, the city authorities were able to clear the space rapidly and build the urban infrastructure timely.


Every year, the city authorities would promulgate decisions on compensation and ground clearance in order to concretize the Government’s policies, and satisfactorily compensating for those whose land has been withdrawn. The city would also hold training classes, deploying decisions of the City People’s Committee, and instructing units to implement those decisions. Basing on the reality, there are different supportive policies, such as: awarding those households handing over the ground space on time, giving support to stabilizing life and production, giving support to re-settlement, etc. The land clearance and compensation have been professionalized and the people’s benefits have been cared for, so the policies on land clearance and  compensation have been fully and consistently aware towards all the projects in the city in every phase. Therefore, the land clearance, compensation, re-settlement have been done fairly and rapidly, limiting complaints from the people. There is always a clearance council in each project; the local authorities would take part in any project from the beginning to the end to solve every problems relating to clearance, compensation, and re-settlement. In case of complaint, the chairman of the City People’s Committee will meet the citizens directly to solve the problem. Thanks to this, the city has received high consent from the people making it convenient for the land clearance and for the construction. ( to be continued)

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