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Thursday, 22 August 2013 10:25

VIETRADE - The 20th Party Cell Congress of Da Nang City has promulgated a resolution to build an ideal living environment for Da Nang. According to this resolution, Da Nang will have a modern economic structure; buildingn service industry into a key economy by combining localities in the area, promoting the image of the city to other countries in the world; promptly completing coastal tourist projects, supporting investors in order to promptly put projects into operation; organizing and enhance the stature of big events to attraction more tourists.


Da Nang has pioneered in building an environmental city according to the project approved in October 2008. Not only in such narrow fields as to ensure no pollution of water, waste, air, etc., but also in socioeconomic cultural fields, the city will give priority to high-tech industry, high added value as well as labor quality; refusing those projects having big invested capital but inconsistent with the general orientation of the city on environmental sustainability. Currently, the two major projects of high-tech park and concentrated information technological park have promptly been being built and put into operation in order to attract those projects using modern and environment friendly technologies.


As to building a smart city, Da Nang is continuing to complete the e-government project. The digitalization project has been being deployed to the district level, and is currently implemented in communes and wards; the geographic information system (GIS) of the city is also being completed. As to urban planning, the city has digitalized a detailed map on the scale of 1/500 as the basis for the specialized management as well as interdisciplinary collaboration.


Da Nang is continuing to attach much importance to developing the infrastructure as a breakthrough for the economic development. The technical infrastructure is modernly and synchronously planned and built. Da Nang International Airport has basically been completed and put into use. Such other key projects as:




Tien Sa Port (phase 2), new railway station, urban and suburban road system, subway system; informationtelecommunications, power lines, etc., are being promptly promoted. The social infrastructural system has incessantly been developed in both quantity and quality with such works as: a 600-bed pediatric-maternity hospital, Woman’s Hospital, cancer hospital, Da Nang University Village, the Vietnam-English International University, America-Pacific International University, general library, cultural center, circus, city theater, fine arts museum, commercial-service works, sports complex, new urban areas, etc. will continuously be built.


The city always attach importance to developing tourism in association with preserving and promoting cultural values and ecological environment; developing the commercial infrastructure in urban areas, developing trade centers, markets, supermarkets; encouraging business households to develop into modern retail or wholesale agencies or to associate into shopping and service streets in urban center in order to build Da Nang into a commercial center of the region. Building Da Nang into a transshipment center of the Central, the whole country, and possibly the Southeast Asian region; paying attention to developing logistics service in order to build Da Nang Port into a modern container port of the Central.


Developing services in the financial market, especially capital market and the stock market; developing convenient and modern retail banking services targeting individual customers; expanding international banking services such as international money transfer services, international payments; developing different types of insurance activities, insurance agents and brokers, tax consultancy, accounting and auditing to meet the needs of the market.


Creating a favorable and equal legal environment for the fair competition of businesses; studying mechanisms, priority and incentive policies to attract and encourage investment; continuing the administrative reform to ensure a streamlined apparatus; clearly defining the functions, rights and duties of the management bodies.


Da Nang has always appreciated the contribution of experts in various fields, the quality of human resources in the process of urbanism. It has established its own high-quality human resources center to serve the needs of development in the new period. The city has constantly organized scientific conferences such as Conference on Planning Da Nang City–the Process of Integration and Development (August 2010), Ideas for Building Da Nang to be on a par with developed cities of the ASEAN Region and Asia (March 2011); established missions to learn and exchange experiences with other cities in Asia and the world, improving the quality of human resources to build the city.


Besides the encouraging achievements, Da Nang has not really been developed to deserve the available potentialities, advantages and conditions. Although the technical infrastructure (traffic, power supply, information-telecommunications, water supply and drainage, etc.) and the social infrastructure (public service works, green park, etc.) have rather synchronously been developed, the urban spatial planning has not deserved the type-I city as expected.


The city is now planning for large-scale underground parking lots in the downtown area in combination with public green parks and commercial service system above; locating the station of the subway system in the future.


Compared with the practical requirements of the country, bearing the role of a dynamic city of the Central and Central Highlands Key Economic Region, targeting to a modern and stably developed city, the Party Cell, authorities and people of the city have determined that there still have many tasks to perform with the long-term enduring efforts of all levels, industries, professionals, and especially the consensus, unanimity of all classes of people.( end)

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