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5 breakthroughs on socio – economic development of Da nang city ( Part 3) PDF Print
Thursday, 24 October 2013 10:41

VIETRADE - Four, building a healthy cultural environment and implementing human social policies

Focusing on the socio-cultural development, improving people's living standards and ensuring social security; strengthening and promoting the consent of all levels of society, showing interest in the part of the population remaining difficult, especially families of social welfare, families in remote areas or being moved; promoting the socialization on fields of education, health, vocational training, culture, sports, etc.; maintaining and implementing the program of "the city of 5 no's," and "the city of 3 yes's."


Improving the quality of education and training, creating foundation and motivation for the implementation of industrialization and modernization of the city; building and developing the Le Quy Don High School into a key specialty high school of the country; completing the construction of Da Nang University Village; promoting to establish an international university. Focusing on developing the labor market, creating and improving the quality of employment, increasing income for workers; striving to solve employment matter for 32 to 34 thousand workers/year; by 2015, the nemployment rate will be reduced to below 4%; 60 medium and large scale vocational training schools; the rate trained laborers will be 55%; building 10,000 apartments for low-income people, providing accommodation for 20,000 industrial workers, and 10,000 students in dormitories; continuing to help special poor families, students dropping out of schools, corrupted and law violating teenagers; enhancing opportunities and economic services for the disabled; developing strongly and diversely the systems of social insurance and unemployment insurance; mobilizing the entire population to participate in "thanks rendering" activities.


Building Da Nang into a scientific and technological research center of the region; transferring and mastering new technologies to make breakthroughs in some fields such as: biotechnology, food processing technology, new materials technology, environmental technology, etc.; ensuring the speed of technological innovation on an average rate of 20%-30%/year, especially the priority areas of 30-40%/year.


Continuing to develop healthcare, improving the quality of examination, treatment, taking care of people's health; continuing to build and put into operation the internationally standardized high-quality medical examination and treatment centers and health service centers; encouraging the development of private healthcare system; focusing on improving professional qualifications and ethics of the medical staff; completing and putting into use the Cancer Hospital.




Promoting the role and position of culture in social life; building a healthy cultural environment; enhancing the spirit and cultural life of the people; narrowing the gap of enjoying culture between regions; building a new stadium, general museum, general library, cultural and information center for the city; preserving and promoting the values of historical and cultural works, material and immaterial cultural heritages; attaching the renovation and embellishment of cultural works and the organization of festivals to tourist development; comprehensively developing the literature and artistic forms; promoting the role of artists; creating conditions for literature and art to flourish with many works of high thinking and artistic values.


Promoting the socialization of physical training and sports; making fundamental changes in the scale and quality of public sports; innovating and enhancing the training and educating (in the country and abroad) in order to attract high-performance sports resources; building a solid foundation on quality for young athletes.


Implementing of the national action plan on gender equality and advancement of women; building families of prosperity, equality, progress, and happiness; raising the awareness and responsibilities of families and society to protect, care for and educate children; implementing children's rights, ensuring children with special circumstances to be protected and cared for.


Effectively implementing the scheme on building Da Nang into an environmental city; ensuring 100% of the new production and business establishments to apply clean technologies by 2015, 85% of the present establishments meet the basic environmental standards; promoting the tree planting in the inner city and along the coastline, striving to increase the forest coverage rate to 50% by 2015.


Five, developing rapidly the high-quality human resources

Training the human resources to meet the diverse requirements of the economy; considering the development of the high-quality human resource as a crucial factor to improve the competitive advantage of the city; building the cadres staff, especially leader cadres and managing all levels on a par task; focusing on creative thinking, practical capability, solid professional knowledge; attaching importance to the uniformity in building staff, combining all ages, ensuring the structure, the continuity, succession and development; building teams of experts in every field; promoting the training and fostering young cadres; boldly making a breakthrough in the planning and layout, and using young staff, female staff; creating a favorable environment for the development of staff and students having completed the Project 89–the one on developing high-quality human resources and cadres attracted; developing and implementing mechanisms of selection, appointment, and respect towards virtuous and talented people; showing interest in policy of educating and fostering cadres; focusing on short-term training classes in order to improve knowledge, professional skills, and experience to handle practical situations for staff at all levels.


Promoting the advantages of the available human resources, aiming at educating and preparing human resources for domestic and foreign enterprises, especially, aiming at training human resources for the integration and development trend, ensuring for the employees to meet the requirements on soft skills, professional expertise.(end)

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