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Thursday, 21 November 2013 14:55

QuangBinh7VIETRADE- 7. Investment into infrastructure

By force of funds to be mobilized for investment into infrastructure from all resources10, the provincial infrastructure has gradually been built up synchronously in plain and mountain areas. The Province has railway, roads, waterways, and airways. In urban areas, more extended get infrastructure systems, in which schools, local and general hospitals, and medical stations have been built. Communication and postal services were tooled up to ensure continuous activities. In electricity, 220KV lines have been in production in the basic purpose of fulfilling the demand from production and life. In the future, the electric network will be invested to carry electricity to remote and awkward areas. Big-scaled key projects such as Nhat Le Bridge, Kien Giang Bridge, Han La Port, and Dong Hoi Airport have been put into effect. National Road 12A, Provincial Road 11, Quang Hai Bridge were upgraded, and Rao Ca Lake, and the Thai River were dredged to serve transportation. Furthermore, many projects of bypass in Dong Hoi City, Bao Ninh 60-m Road, Chau Hoa Bridge, Provincial Road 16, road and bridge leading to Van Hoa commune, road to Tien Hoa Cement Zone from Hon La Economic Park, and Thuong My Trung Irrigation are under construction in an attempt to get the economy grown.


In 2010, some 950 km of ditches were built by concrete, thereby providing water for some 90.6% of rice paddy fields. More than 97% households used electricity. 100% communes, wards, and towns had roads for automobiles leading their centers. 159/159 communes were covered with radio and TV wave. And urbanization rate made up 19-20%.


8. Development of enterprises and economic sectors

State – owned enterprises were, basically, reorganized under the ratified schedule11 in the progress of mobilizing financial resources from economic sectors to maintain socio-economic development and make enterprises’ activities effective. Most reorganized enterprises gained increasing productivity, paying their labors well and, contributing significantly to the provincial budget.


374 cooperatives and 6,000 production groups in the Province have stretched all domains of the economy, to date. The mode of farm culture have extended and borne fruits12. Private enterprises have developed rapidly and the number was 2,583 ones, adding 1,700 ones over 2005, at total capital of 11,073 million VND in 2010. They have made a crucial contribution to strengths and potential exploitation, laboring liberation, job offering, and income of residents.


QuangBinh89. Economic foreign affairs and investment promotion

Economic foreign affairs have borne fruits in the relationship and cooperation with countries, international organizations, particularly with neighboring provinces of Laos and the northern region of Thailand13.


- The work of ODA attraction and campaign in the period of 2006-2010 yielded 16 projects at total committed capital of 122.2 million USD, 91.1 USD of which was disbursed. The goals to be aimed at were rural and mountainous infrastructure buildup, rural agriculture development, hunger elimination and poverty alleviation, and urban planning. In general, all projects were carried out in the planned progress, which went far toward the provincial socio-economic development.


- FDI Project: In 5 years (2006- 2010), 3 projects14 at total capital of 14.6 million USD were licensed as planned. Currently, some projects are submitting their procedures to deploy their plans while many investors from Japans, South Korea, Russia, and Kazakhstan are trying to seek opportunities for their investment.


- NGO Project: The aid campaign of non-government organizations (NGO) has been active implemented. In the 5-year period of 2006-2010, 16.5 million USD, 15 million USD of which was disbursed, was approved for natural reserve, war consequences, vocational training, health care, hunger elimination and poverty alleviation, and infrastructure. Overall, NGO activities have been well supervised and managed


- Investment promotion: In the period of 2006-2010, the Province put forward synchronous solutions to improve investment environment, by which the investment promotion got real results. By late 2010, 233 projects in total at registered capital of 91, 637 billion VND15. In 2009, its power competitive index (PCI) ranked 44th out of 63 provinces in a good group in the nation from 57th out of 64. Many domestic and overseas big investors and groups have been keen on their opportunities in the Province16. As a result, big projects of Song Gianh Cement Plant, Ang Son I and II Cement Plant, Steel Ingot and Iron Plant, Van Hoa Cement Plant, and Bang Ecological Tourist Area have been being deployed in the compass2. Quang Trach Thermoelectric Center will be a new driving force for socio-economic development in the time to come. It can be opined that the investment promotion has created dramatic changes, by which projects and investors that are suitable for the provincial socio-economic development are admitted, and ones that are unsuitable for the development are not.


10. Environment and mineral resources

The work of land management and land use under the planning of 2001-2010 was carried out effectively. The planning of land use gained 94% in 7/7 districts, cities, 150/ 159 communes and wards. Certificates of land use, leased land, and land for projects were actively deployed. The work of gathered and changed land for crops won 100% in 144 communes. Land to be leased by organizations under the Instruction No 31/2007 CT-TTg issued by the Prime Minister was checked. Land of enterprises, plantations and protective forests was measured to grant certificates of forestry land use under the Decision No 672/QD-TTg dated April 24 2006 by the Prime Minister. As planned by 2010, rate of urban land use to be granted was 90.0%, rural land use 91.0%, agricultural land 86.0%, forestry land 95%, land for organizations 97.0% .


The management of mineral and water resources has continuously buttressed and has gradually stopped illegal mineral exploitation. Exploratory, exploitation, and processing of minerals and water resource to 2020 were planned. In March 2010, 99 licenses were granted and 30 licenses were renewed to tap minerals. 38 licenses were issued for water resources.


Besides, the Province has paid heed to the work of environmental protection and assessment of environmental impact. Accordingly, new projects, plants, and factories have been required to send reports on their environmental affecting activities. Some factories were fined. Solid trash and waste water in 6 local hospitals were treated. 83 projects’ environmental impacts were assessed, and 450 ones were asked to protect environment. Production locations and urban areas are usually supervised.

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