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Monday, 02 December 2013 15:00

ThanhHoa1VIETRADE-  Lying in the plain of half-mountain half-plain, 28km from Thanh Hóa City to the northwest, Yên Định District has 27 communes and 2 towns, with the total natural area of 228 square kilometers and a population of 173,000 people. The district’s main economy is agricultural production. The incessant endeavor and creative labor of the Party Committee, local authorities and people have built up a rural area having a long patriotic and magnanimous tradition, and keeping developing everyday in order to catch up with the innovation progress of the whole nation in the period of global integration.

Yên Định is an area suffering heavy consequences of the two long-lasting wars against the French and the American. After the great victory of Spring 1975, the Party Committee and people of Yên Định, together with the whole people of the nation, have implemented successfully the renovation task under the spirit of Resolution adopted by the Sixth Party Congress, ardently working and producing, building the nation and gaining comprehensive results in every aspect. The most remarkable period is the 2000-2010 one. In this period, the Party Committee and people have united to work creatively and build the nation industriously and economically, therefore, the district have been granted the honorable title of Hero in the Renovation Period. Thanks to that, the district has gained remarkable results: the economy has developed at a high speed, the infrastructure has been intensified, socio-cultural activities have made positive changes, the people’s material and spiritual life has been enhanced, the social welfare ensured, the rural areas have had a new look, national defense and security stabilized, the Party Committee and authorities at all levels have gained trust from the people; the great solidarity of the whole people has been brought into play in the process of building and protecting of the nation.


Especially, in 2011, although facing many difficulties: complex weather conditions, heavy rains in the beginning of the winter crop, long spell of severe colds in the spring crop, epidemic of brown plant-hopper in the winter crop, heavy inflation in the world and the region, the increasing prices of many commodities, with the direction of the province, the endeavor of the district’s Party Committee and the local authorities, the close co-operation between organizations, agencies, industries, unions, and the participation of the whole people, the district fulfilled successfully the set targets. Specifically, the economic growth rate (GDP) reached 16.25%, in which, agro-forestry-fishery increased by 6.41%, industry-construction increased by 25.06%, service by 19.53%; the industry structure in GDP was: agro-forestry-fishery 39.03%, industry-construction 21.25%, service 39.72%; the total output of food from trees and plants bearing seed was 146,166 tons; per capita GDP (current price) was 18.506 million VND; the total value of exported goods was US$13.58 million; the budget collection increased by 25% in comparison with the set target, etc. Besides, the socio-economic activities made positive changes; the people’s life enhanced incessantly; the politico-social security and order were secured, democracy was promoted; the operating management of the authorities at all levels had many advances, meeting better and better the people’s requirement.


ThanhHoa2The outstanding industries in the district’s economy are: agriculture, industry and small industry, service and trade. As for agriculture, the district has overcome many difficulties in natural disasters, epidemic diseases, and has gained remarkable results: the total production value is 763.941 billion VND (an increase of 6.95% over the same period of previous year); in which, farming is 391.260 billion VND, husbandry 274.450 billion VND, agricultural service 98.285 billion VND. As for farming, the cultivation area is 30,780ha, making an increase of 1.4% over the same period of previous year; most of cultivation area has reached or exceeded the plan and increased in comparison with the same period of previous year. As for husbandry, the district has directed localities to implement well the inoculation against epidemics, taking initiative in detecting early and localizing epidemic areas to prevent diseases from spreading. Thanks to that, in 2011 there were 9,197 buffaloes in the district, 20,138 cows (16,713 sind cross-bred cows, making an increase of 1.17% over the same period of previous year), 48,663 pigs, 1.152 million heads of poultry. The district’s farmhouse economy continues to focus on general farmhouses in association with planting, aquaculture, husbandry; stabilizing 679 farmhouses and home-farms (594 farmhouses and 85 home-farms), in which 416 farmhouses reach the criteria (according to previous criteria), making an increase of 15 farmhouses over the same period of previous year.


Besides developing agriculture, the district has also paid attention to investing in industrial and small industrial production, creating timely encouraging policies; therefore, the industrial and small industrial businesses in the district have been maintained, expanded, and stabilized production. In 2011, the total value industries and small industries was 310.285 billion VND (increasing by 28.9% over the same period of previous year); 15 more businesses were established raising the total number of business to 176, in which, 69 limited companies, 28 joint-stock companies, 36 private businesses, and 43 co-operatives.


As for trading activity, it has continuously been developed; the service quality has kept increasing. In 2011, the total retail sales of goods and service was 1,078.5 billion VND (increasing by 22% over the same period of previous year), the total value of exported goods was US$13.58 million (increasing 10.5% over the same period of previous year, mainly in stone, pork of not fully grown pigs, rattan, etc.)


With the achievements in 2011 and basing on the forecast of 2012, the District People’ Committee has built a socio-economic development program for the year 2012 with the following targets: the economic growth rate (GDP) from 17.10% and above, in which agro-forestry-fishery increase by 7.31%, industry-construction by 26.33%, service by 19.97%; the structure of each industry in the GDP is 37.11%-23.12%-39.77%; the total output of food from trees and plants bearing seed is 145,000 tons; per capita GDP (according to current price) is 21.53 million per year; the total value of exported goods is US$14.5 million and above; the budget collected is 5% higher than the forecast, etc.


In order to implement the above targets early, the district has set out specific solutions for each branch and field. As for economy, the district will continue to move the economic structure towards industrialization and modernization; enhancing the quality and effectiveness of key economic programs. Besides, the district continues to check, justify, supplement, and complete the socio-economic development plan at the locality; planning for the development of main branches and fields; planning for the use of land; planning for the building of new rural areas, etc. in order to ensure the quality, and suit the practical situation; enhancing the quality of projects in order to implement key programs, ensuring the concretization, reality and effectiveness. The district will pay attention to enhancing the implementation of mechanisms, policies on building rural infrastructure, such as water supply system, upgrading the transformer stations, the electric grid, irrigational works, inner-field traffic system; continuing to buy more new machinery to mechanize serving the agricultural production. Besides, the district will also implement other solutions, such as speeding up the movement of economic structure; developing agro-forestry-fishery towards stabilizing and securing epidemic diseases, raising the value of each area unit; widening the area in association with intensifying cultivation, increasing the productivity, quality, and output of agricultural products; intensifying the application of scientific and technological advances to production; continuing to speed up the development of concentrated husbandry in the models of farmhouses, home-farms, ensuring the epidemic security and environmental hygiene; maintaining and protecting the forest area; expanding the trades and small industrial production; implementing well the management of construction plans, building permit issuing, and other programs and targets invested by the district; intensifying the state management, enhancing the effectiveness of land exploiting and using, environment protecting, etc.

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