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Friday, 05 July 2013 10:26

VIETRADE - As a coastal province situated in the Central key economic zone, Quang Ngai owns so many attractive factors to make the investors feel secured as that Quang Ngai is located in the middle of the North and South with convenient transport system including seaport, national highways, North-South railway together with special investment incentives from the Government and local authority. Therefore, Quang Ngai is the ideal place for companies in demand of expanding their markets to the North - South and also the Central region. In addition, the enterprises are likely to broaden and access to markets of Laos, Northeast Thailand and Cambodia.


Nowadays, Quang Ngai has become one of 13 provinces with the largest contribution to the state budget thanks to revenues of Dung Quat Oil Refinery Factory - the first oil refinery in Vietnam and Dung Quat Economic Zone, one of the vanguards and most successful economic zone nationwide significantly contributing to the development of the Central key economic zone.



Administrative geography

Quang Ngai province stretches from 14°32' to 15°25' Northern latitude, 108°06' to 109°04' Eastern longitude; shares borders with Quang Nam province to the North, Binh Dinh province to the South, Kon Tum province to the West and the East Sea to the East. It is about 883km in the North from Hanoi Capital and 838km in the South from Ho Chi Minh City. Quang Ngai has natural area of 5,152.67km2, including one provincial city (Quang Ngai City), 6 coastal delta districts (Binh Son, Son Tinh, Tu Nghia, Nghia Hanh, Mo Duc, Duc Pho), 6 mountainous districts (Ba To, Tra Bong, Tay Tra, Son Tay, Son Ha, Minh Long) and one island district (Ly Son).





The population of Quang Ngai in 2010 was 1,219,286 with the average population density of 237  people/km2. It is occupied by many different ethnic groups, particularly, majority is Kinh people (88%), followed by Hre (8.58%), Cor (1.8%) etc..



1. Road:

National highway 1A: 98km running through the province

National highway 24A: the section connecting the national highway 1A with Kon Tum (the section running through Thach Tru, Mo Duc district, Quang Ngai province) and with the national highway 24B is 69 km and 18km respectively.

The Road in the East Trung Son: running through 02 communes: Son Mua and Son Bua, Son Tay district with total length of 13km.

Provincial road: including 18 routes with total length of 520.5km

Dung Quat - Sa Huynh coastal road: running through Binh Son, Son Tinh, Tu Nghia, Mo Đuc, Đuc Pho districts and Quang Ngai city, with the length of 117km. The first end is at the borderline between Quang Nam and Quang Ngai under Dung Quat Economic Zone and the final end intersects with the national highway 1A at Km 1116 of Sa Huynh, Duc Pho district. This road makes an important contribution to wakening both socioeconomic development potential along the coastline and improving the people's living standard, strengthening security and defense capability in this area.

Internal road of Dung Quat Economic Zone: total length is over 60km. Some roads are now being invested in construction such as: Dung Quat road connects with Ho Chi Minh Road in the direction of Tra My - Tra Bong - Binh Long - T-junction of Oil Refinery Factory - Dung Quat port. Tri Binh - Dung Quat port road and some main roads of Van Tuong Urban Area are being planned to construct.


2. Railway:

North-South railway: running accros the province.


3. Airline:

Chu Lai airport (Quang Nam province) is 35km from Quang Ngai City, and 04km from Dung Quat Economic Zone in the North.


4. Seaport:

Dung Quat Deep-water Seaport: with sheltered location as an advantage, it is 90 km from international marine route and 30 km from inland marine route, the depth ranges from 10-19m, Dung Quat seaport has been designed as multi-funtional seaport including:

- Oil and Gas Terminal with the volume of cargo going through of 6.1 million ton finished oil/year and a wharf is constructed to import crude oil for the vessel with the tonnage of 80,000 - 110,000 tons; specialized terminal in association with Shipyard Industrial Complex construction site of Steel Factory and heavy industry factories.


- General port is divided into 2 sub-terminals: general terminal No.1 is situated behind Oil and Gas Terminal, accommodating the the vessel with the tonnage of 5,000 - 50,000 tons; General Sub-Terminal No. 2 in the South of Dung Quat bay, on the left bank of Dap river.


- Specialized port area is associated with Shipyard Industrial Complex, construction site of Steel Factory and Heavy Industry Factory.


- Trading port area serves for Free Trade Zone and 01 international container Transshipment Terminal located in the middle of Specialized Terminal and General Terminal to receive the vessels with the tonnage of 10-15 tens thousand DWT.


Dung Quat Seaport is constructed to ensure that about 20 million tons of cargo can go through in 2010 and 34 million tons in 2020. At present, the General Terminal is being operated to accomodate the vessel with 15 thousand DWT.


* Furthermore, with the coastline of 144km, Quang Ngai has many estuaries and small seaports such as: Sa Ky, Sa Can, Binh Chau, My A etc which are rich in potentials of waterway transport, trade and tourism.( to be continued)

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