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"Decentralized Trade Support Services for Strengthening the International Competitiveness of Vietnamese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" Program


For the past 25 years, Vietnam has had considerable success in its economic development and the reduction of poverty. The country has become increasingly integrated in the international economy.


Switzerland, through the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), has supported the sustainable economic growth of Vietnam by promoting private sector development, contributing to the establishment of a conducive economic framework, and fostering integration into the world economy. SECO, in partnership with other institutions and/or donors, supports policies that tackle the multiple dimensions of poverty and empower the poor to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from, economic growth.The volume of the SECO program is planned to increase from 15 million Swiss Francs in 2012 to 20 million Swiss Francs in 2016.


The contribution of SMEs to Vietnam’s economic growth is increasing rapidly.  However, their contribution to exports remains limited.  Vietnamese product exports are now dominated by those of large private (including equitized) enterprises and foreign-invested (FDI, Foreign Direct Investment) firms.  In addition, Vietnam needs to “move up the value chain” of exports, from exporting mostly “low cost labour” products to exporting products and services with improved quality and design, improved standards, etc.  This is as much a challenge for exporting SMEs as it is for large private exporting enterprises or FDI enterprises.


SECO and the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) will launch in June 2013 a new technical cooperation programfinanced by SECO for a four-year duration, Increasing the export competitiveness of Vietnamese SMEs through decentralized trade support services. This program will have a SECO contribution of USD 3.3 million and be implemented by VIETRADE under the National Execution modality,in cooperation with selected provincial Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) and Trade Supporting Organizations (TSIs). VIETRADE is the governmental organization responsible for state regulation of trade and investment promotion, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The overall objective of this new SECO/VIETRADE programme is to sustainably upgrade, at regional and provincial levels, the contribution of SMEs to exports in key priority export sectors. This will basically be done by strengthening the capacity of selected Provincial TPOs, TSIs and Product Associations in their role as trade support institutions to exporting SMEs at the local level. As a result, those institutions will have become better able to provide SMEs with the range of services they need in order to develop sustainably their exports.


As part of the Vietnamese export enabling business environment, a National Export Councilwill be established. It will strengthen the ability of senior government officials to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the National Export-Import Strategy through enhanced feedback from provincial TPOs, TSIs, Product Associations and large as well as SME exporters.


At the same time, VIETRADE’s capacity to support provincial TPOs, TSIs and Product Associations, through regional networks, in their export assistance to SMEs, will be upgraded. VIETRADE’s role as Lead Agency for the Central Government’s annual National Trade Promotion Program will also be strengthened.


The proposed program builds on an earlier SECO-Sida funded assistance, Support to Trade Promotion and Export Development in Vietnam VIE/61/94 (main phase June 2004-December 2007 and its extension April-December 2009), which focused on building capacity of the newly created VIETRADE and selected Product Associations at the national level.


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