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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 16:00

VIETRADE - Target, development orientation of Tay Ninh Province (cont.)  + Education–training

Developing the education towards standardization, modernization; extending the scale and improving the quality of training, vocational training; developing and enhancing the quality of human resource; annually, mobilizing over 99% children aged 6 to go to school, about 90% students graduating from junior high school continue studying high school, vocational secondary school; raising the rate of students graduating from high school to continue college and tertiary education.


By 2015, striving to achieve 99% or more children under 5 years old to go to kindergarten to prepare for the first form, the rate of trained labor accounts for 60% of total labor of the society, striving to recognize 22 communes, wards and towns to meet standard of secondary education universalization in the period of 2011-2015, building 130 schools to meet the national standards, strengthening 1,200 classrooms.


+ Science–technology:

Creating strong changes in applying science and technology and scientific and technological achievements, increasing the proportion of science and technology in enhancing the output, quality and efficiency of industrial, agricultural production and services; insuring to provide scientific basis for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development.


+ Social fields:

- Strengthening labor restructuring, creating more jobs to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization of the country; ensuring the rapid and sustainable poverty reduction; enhancing incomes and life quality for people; averagely annually, creating jobs for 20,000 employees, reducing 2.5% of the rate of poor households and by 2015 the unemployment rate in urban areas will reduce below 4%.


- Improving the quality of the population, implementing the family model of few children, healthiness, prosperity and happiness; reducing rate of morbidity, improving fitness, increasing life expectancy and ensuring foods hygiene and safety. By 2015, the rate of natural population growth in the province will reduce below 1%, the average life expectancy of the people is over 74 years old, the rate of malnourished children under 5 years old is below 15%; achieving the target of 7 doctors and pharmacists/ten thousand people, 24 hospitals /ten thousand people, hospitals in 95 communes, wards and towns meet the national healthcare standards.


- Continue developing the advanced culture with national characters; facilitating to improve the physical strength, mental power of the Vietnamese. By 2015, the number of cultural families will reach 94% or more; 83% hamlets, quarters will meet national cultural standards, 100% communes have cultural, sporting and studying centers.




+ Environmental natural resources:

Using the natural resources properly and effectively; ensuring the harmony between economic development and protection of environment and natural resources. Striving to reach the forest coverage from 33% or more in 2015 (including the coverage of the rubber tree), 96% rural are entitled to use clean and hygienic water, 100% urban population can use clean water, 100% existing production and business facilities meet the environmental standards, 100% industrial zones, processing zones, border economic zones on operation have common waste water treatment system and in compliance with environmental standard, 100% urban solid wastes, hazardous wastes and medical wastes shall be collected and processed.


+ National defense-security:

Holding fast political security and social order and safety under any circumstance; being on the defensive, minimizing robbery with weapons; facilitating for the socioeconomic development.


Works needing concentrated on in the period of 2010-2015 are:

- Infrastructure of Tram Vang (Go Dau) industrial park and industrial clusters, border gate economic zones, resettlement zones; Dau Tieng lake tourist area, Ba Den Mountain, Bau Ca Na cultural part, farming product markets, supermarkets, main transportation hubs connecting to Trans-Asia road, national highway N0 22; besides, grading and expanding Ben Keo port, Long Thanh Nam port, researching to build Go Dau port, Ben Dong Bridge (Ben Cau- Go Dau).


 - Irrigational works such as concretization of irrigation canals in order to ensure sources of water for life and production; investing in and building projects of Tan Binh irrigational zone (a part of Phuoc Hoa irrigation project), Dau Tieng sub-project – a part of Dau Tieng irrigation modernizing) completing and newly constructing some new pump stations, anti-flood and drainage dykes; invest- ing in irrigational works in the western region of Vam Co Dong river.


 - Completing and expanding water supply and drainage in cities, economic zones and industrial parks; continuing to perform the program of clean water and rural environmental hygiene.

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