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Innovative solutions for investment attraction and industrial development in the period of 2010-2015 of Dong Nai Province PDF Print
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 16:44

VIETRADE - Dong Nai provincial Party Committee has identified that the major objectives of the period of 2011-2015 as "economic development with high growth, sustainable quality, efficiency and competitiveness; active and positive international integration; speeding up the industrialization and modernization along with environmental protection; further improving the quality of people's living standards, building Dong Nai Province to into an basically industrialized and modernized province by 2015 ".


To achieve this goal, Ms. Bo Ngoc Thu–director of Dong Nai Department of Planning and Investment–said that it had better to focus on six innovative solutions such as, paying special attention to development of human resource, which is the basis for becoming an industrialized and modernized province in 2015, the human resources must meet the requirements of qualifications, professional skills, basic knowledge of law, political theory, capable of international integration, skilled technical workers,... and above all, occupational morality, high responsibility for the job are the most important. So, the province should focus on training and fostering high-quality human resources, forming the leading experts of the industry to meet the development requirements in the period of 2011-2015, strengthening the vocational training for employees, especially high-skilled labor. Besides, the province should adopt policies to attract and well treat the talents; and also actively lobby to attract organizations and individuals to invest in Dong Nai in term of training such as construction of colleges and universities and vocational schools to help develop high quality human resources for locality.


At the same time, Dong Nai Province should focus on investment in technical infrastructure. In fact in recent years, Dong Nai Province has achieved high investment (including domestic and foreign investment), many investment projects once operated have made major contribution to the province's economic growth. However, the technical infrastructure network of the province was overwhelmed; many industrial parks and new urban areas in preparation of formation require strong investment in technical infrastructure as transport, water, electricity supply and communication,.. to serve for production activities, etc. Essential infrastructure investment enables to higher investment attraction and more feasible disbursement, jobs for employees are more plentiful, increasing revenues into the state budget as the basis for investment in social infrastructure (schools, health and cultural facilities,...) contributing to the living standards and solving social security.


It is necessary to take advantage of the investment capital from the central budget, to mobilize from ODA resources, capital of the businesses, investment in BOT form, socialization mobilization and also to review priority order to avoid improper investment.


Another important factor for industrial development in Dong Nai is that it is necessary to focus on strongly developing service sector of bank credit, transport, storage, communications, tourism, health services and training,... Along with industrial development, the service sector in the province in last time have had high growth but still untapped the potential of the province.


The number of enterprises established and operating in the area increased rapidly along with several licensed investment projects, so the demands for credit increases significantly; the transportation and warehousing services, delivery are also in high requirement.


As a province in the period of industrial development, more and more labours coming to work and live here, so the demands of housing, travel, health, education, entertainment are very high.


Therefore, investment attraction in the above services is essential and preferential mechanisms and policies should be set forth to attract the investment from domestic and foreign enterprises. The development of services not only makes the major contribution to economic growth, suitable economic structure, but also plays a significant role in improving people's living standards and minimize the environmental pollution.


Furthermore, the province will also attract selective investment in priorities of high-tech projects, the environment friendly projects, creating products with high added value, while with creation of brand of industrial products. In the period of 2011-2015 the province continues to call for investment in the above orientation, should not attach importance to the quantity of projects but improve the quality of investment projects in industrial parks.


Concentrating on investment in high-tech industrial parks, agro-industrial parks, hi-tech zones specializing in biotechnology to attract projects in priorities orientation as above and developing the processing industry, industry for agriculture. With the integration and development trend, market competition is the key issue to decide the existence and development of the enterprise, thus the supporting measures to enterprises are very essential.


For industrial development, Dong Nai Province should invest in the development of infrastructure and social infrastructure in rural areas, give favourable condition to farmers so that they can produce and create their own product brands. This objective is set forth and is being promoted in the next stage by Dong Nai province although Dong Nai is a leading developed province of industry nationwide. 136 out of 171 wards, communes and towns are in rural areas. The number of population residing in rural area is great, so investment in technical infrastructure and social infrastructure for rural area is very important.


Under the new rural development plan, it is necessary to have huge investment capital and mobilize more resources to join, including investments from the budget as the firm basis for mobilizing other capital sources. While balancing investment capital budget, it had better to focus on investing in rural areas, at the same time, governmental authorities at all levels should popularize and encourage people and organizations to invest to achieve the goals of construction of pilot communes in accordance with new rural criteria. For agricultural production, the people should be instructed to use biotechnological applications, to implement the agricultural production process according to the competitive criteria in international market, thus it is capable of bringing new benefits in agricultural production and contributing to increasing the farmers’ incomes.

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