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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 15:50


 Geographical location: My Hao rural district, adjacent to national road No 5 to the south (opposite Minh Duc IP across from national road No 5), 65km away from Hai Phong Seaport, 110km from Cai Lan Seaport, Quang Ninh, 80km from Noi Bai International Airport.

Land space: 325.43ha, of which 228ha is for lease for industrial use.

Priority development industries: Manufacture-assemble electric, electronic product, mechanical engineering, communication engineering, agricultural product – food processing, steel and steel products manufacture.

 Infrastructures building investment, developmental stage: Procedural dossier for land passation, clearance compensation technical infrastructures construction is being completed. Completion of land clearance compensation, technical infrastructures and reception of investment projects is anticipated in the first quarter of 2010.

 Chief investor: Hung Yen VID Joint Stock Company



 Geographical location: Appurtenant to Vinh Phuc IP, squatting on the 2 rural districts of Van Giang, Yen My. Adjacent to the express motorway to the north (linking Hanoi to Hai Phong the beltway IV of the capital Hanoi crossing over, with 6 car lanes, speed limit). Approximately 7km away from Hanoi, 95km from Hai Phong Seaport.

Land space: 196.82ha, of which 134ha is for lease for industrial use

Priority development industries: Manufacture-assemble electrical, electronic products, communication engineering products.

Infrastructures construction implementation state: Procedural dossier for land passation land clearance compensation and infrastructure building is being completed. Completion of land clearance compensation, technical infrastructures, reception of investment projects anticipated in the second quarter of 2010.

Chief investor: Agrimeco Tan Tao Joint Stock Company



Acording to document No 1584/TTg-KTN dated Sept 23,2008 issued by the Prime Minister of the government concerning addendum deregistration of Hung Yen Ips into the roster of Vietnam industrial parks. The provincial People’s Committee took on charge the policy to authorize infrastructures chief investors to proceed to studying surveying and drafting detailed plans for approval submission concretely as follows:


Vinh Khuc IP (extension):

Geographical location: Squatting on Vinh Khuc, Nghia Tru, Tan Tien Villages – Van Giang District and Dong Than, Hoan Long Villages – Yen My District; adjacent to Hanoi – Hai Phong express motorway, Hanoi beltway IV crossing over.

Land space: 180ha

Priority development industries: Fabrication of mechanical products, turbines, hydro Power equipment.

Chief investor: Construction Investment Joint-Stock Company No 2 (Vinacomex II)


Ngoc Long IP:

Geographical location: Southwest of road 200, South east of road 206 squatting on Ngoc Long, Dong Than, Giai Pham and Thanh Long Villages

Land space: 150ha up to 2010; 450ha up to 2020

Priority development industries: high-tech industries

Chief investor: Post Financial Company (PTF)


HungYen_IP3Yen My II Ip:

Geographical location: East of national road 39A, South of the populated area and Kim Son River. Squatting onTrung Hung, Trung Hoa Villages, Yen My rural district

Land space: 130ha, development until 2010: 230ha

Priority development industries: Electronics, refrigeration, supportive industries, consumer products, precision mechanical engineering, new construction materials. Admission only of environmental friendly projects or emission controlled projects.

Chief investor: Megastar Joint-Stock Company


Bai Say IP:

Geographical location: Squatting on Bai Say, Phu Ung and Bac Son Villages; west of national road 38, north of road 210.

Land space: 150ha up to 2010; 450ha up to 2020

Priority development industries: Electrical power, electronics, machinery, automobile spare parts fabrication and assembly, farm machinery, high-tech new construction materials. Dust-smoke emission industries need not apply

Chief investor: Vietnam Financial Investment Corporation (VIDIFI).


Dan Tien IP:

Geographical location: Squatting on Tan Dan, Dan Tien, An Vi, Phung Hung Villages, Khoai Chau Town ship, Khoai Chau District. South of road 209 north of road 204, east of roads 39A, 206, 205-4km distant from free flow differential code traffic intersection between national road 39A and express motorway.

Land space: 150ha up to 2010; 250ha up to 2020

Priority development industries: Mechanical engineering, electric power, new construction materials, far, products and food processing. Admit no dust-smoke polluting industries

Chief investor: Oil-gas electric power real estate Joint Stock Company


Kim Dong IP:

Geographical location: Squatting on Pham Ngu Lao, Chinh Nghia and Toan Thang Villages; west of national road 39A; upon completion construction of the new 39A road east of Dien Bien River, Kim Dong IP may also expand to the east of the existing 39A road.

Land space: 100ha up to 2010; 400ha up to 2020

Priority development industries: Staple food, food production, animal feed processing, consumer goods, fabrication- assembly of electronic goods (admit only dist-smoke controlled emission business).

Chief investor: DĐK Joint Stock Company


* As of 2008 year ending, investment projects in Hung Yen IPs numbered 114; of which, 62 were domestic at a total registered capital of VND 4,860bn, and 141ha land lease, 53 were foreign investment projects capitalized at USD 609m, 104ha land lease. 77 projects have embarked on business operation: 47 domestic investment with paid-up capital of VND 2,850 bn (59% of registered capital) 30 foreign investment projects with paid up capital of about USD 140m (23% of registered capital). Business operational projects have positively contributed to the socio-economic development of the province, creating income to the provincial budget, providing jobs and steady income to more than 16,000 labors.



In future time, Hung Yen keeps on ascertaining that investment attraction plays an important role in the socio economic development strategy. The province has always welcomed in coming investors in common cause of business achievement. Promotion into industrial parks extends into:- High tech, modern technology, eco-friendly projects, manufacture new construction materials, new energy generation, high class industrial goods, biotechnology, information technology, mechanical engineering.

- Large scale projects in speedy implementation contributing significantly to the provincial budget.

- Supportive industries to electronics and informatics

- Supportive industries pushing others on developmental path (logistics).

- IP infrastructures building projects. (end)

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