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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 10:45

VIETRADE - The national validation workshop on the Regional Export Development Plans of the programme “Decentralized Trade Support Services for Strengthening the International Competitiveness of Vietnamese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” was held on 30 September 2014 at the Sofitel Hanoi Hotel with the presence of representatives of international organizations, embassies, ministries, regional trade promotion centers and support institutions, associations and SMEs.


The new SECO-financed, VIETRADE-executed, technical cooperation programme “Decentralized trade support services for strengthening the international competitiveness of Vietnamese SMEs” aims at increasing the contribution of SMEs in key export sectors in three selected regions of Vietnam (Northern, Central and Southern) through the strengthening of trade support services being offered to potential or current SME exporters and the latter’s exporting capability. This will be done by upgrading the technical capacity of selected Provincial TPOs, TSIs and Product Associations in their role as trade support institutions to exporting SMEs, within the framework of three Regional Networks, and by assisting SMEs to formulate and implement export marketing and export development plans for their products.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Cam Tu, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade said the Ministry highly appreciated the efforts and expertise of the consultant team. He expressed that the 3 plans will be valuable reference materials for relevant organizations and agencies in developing export-import policies and strategies in the coming time.


The main objective of REDPs was to analyze and propose action plans for the priority products/services which have been identified during the Export Potential Assessment. In addition, based on the outcomes of the institutional assesment, REDP raised recommendations to build and/or strengthen the capacity of the Regional trade support networks to provide efficient export-oriented services.


Each region will have specific REDP details for the priority products/services which have been identified during the EPA. There may appear to be similarities between issues and export plans for the same products/services being covered in the different regions. Nevetheless it is essential that each plan be region-specific as conditions may be different from region to region; but at the same time, this does not prevent synergies between the regional actions being proposed.

The findings and conclusions of EPA, IA and REDP will serve as the basis for the design of a customized capacity building programme to address the specific needs and constraints of TPOs, TSIs and SMEs in meeting the export development goals proposed for the regions. Those will be the core activities of the Programme during years 2, 3 and 4 of its implementation.


The scope of work relating to each selected product/service in each region entails: fact-finding, desk and field research, analyses of trade performances, of export markets and international competitors, identification of products/services/sectoral issues from SWOT analysis and proposed remedial strategies, drafting of regional export plan for each product/service (based on a strategic vision) with priorities, mid-term review of draft export plans, a plan of action and implementation framework for maintaining sustainable capacity at regional level, validation of the plans by regional PCCs, finalization of REDPs.


According to the three REDPs’ findings, the priority products/services for each region include: the North – lychee, tea, garments, footwear, logistics, tourism, handicraft – bamboo & rattan; the Center – coffee, pepper, cashew, honey, tuna, handicraft – bamboo & rattan, handicraft – domestic export, logistics, tourism; the South-west – fragant rice, fresh fruit, pangasius, garments, handicraft-weaving products, logistics, tourism.

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