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Organisation overview
VTLOGO_bongThe Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) is a governmental organization of of Vietnam responsible for national regulation of trade and investment promotion for development of industry and trade.

VIETRADE provides a wide spectrum of services to assist Vietnamese and foreign enterprises in their business development and expansion.



• Success for enterprises
• Trade development
• Optimization of every resource


+ Proposing to the Government policies and measures for the development of business support activities, national branding programs and investment for development of industry & trade;
+ Providing business information to trade support institutions and enterprises;
+ Conducting market research and analysis for the purpose of formulating national trade promotion policies;
+ Assisting Vietnamese and foreign enterprises to identify business opportunities, customers, suppliers and partners through dispatching trade missions abroad, hosting foreign business missions to Vietnam and organizing business meetings, seminars and conferences for Vietnamese and foreign enterprises;
+ Regulating, in coordination with relevant authorities, all commercial advertising activities, sales promotion activities and trade fairs in Vietnam;
+ Administering the National Branding Program; assisting the Vietnamese enterprises in building, promoting and protecting their product brandings;
+ Administering, in co-ordination with relevant authorities, the National Trade Promotion Program;
+ Assisting and guiding local industry & trade departments, trade support institutions in Vietnam and oversea trade representative offices in trade promotion and in investment promotion for industry development;
+ Training Vietnamese enterprises and trade support institutions in trade and in investment promotion for industry development;
+ Producing trade & industry television programs;
+ Co-operating with international and foreign organizations in trade and in investment promotion for industry development.



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