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Monday, 22 February 2016 14:32

VIETRADE - According to Vietnam Association of seafood exporters and producers (VASEP), after continuously dropped in price during 2015, tuna export would flourish entering 2016. Export turnover in January was recorded at nearly USD 36.9 million, up 11% on the same period of 2015.


The Association also shared that, there has been changes among the top tuna consumers of Vietnam. Tuna exports to EU, ASEAN and Japan have been on a downward trend reported at 23.9%, 13.4% and 45% respectively. With fast decline in the growth rate, Japan market has lost its ground to rank fifth, after Israel.


VASEP noted that, tuna export to the US market experienced positive growth rate, attaining nearly USD 12.9 million, up nearly 57% on the same period of last year. The US is the key consumer for canned tuna,  tuna fillet and tenderloin. Notably, export value for tuna fillet nearly doubled. Particularly, export value for the two categories were USD 3.9 million and USD 8.3 million respectively, up 52% and 91% correspondingly, against the reviewed period of last year.


Tuna export to the EU has been gloomy in the early of 2016. Total export turnover was only around USD 7.8 million, down 24% on the same period of last year.


Germany, Italy and Holland have topped the list of EU tuna consumers from Vietnam. While tuna export to Italy saw a 62% growth rate, Germany market experienced a drop of 33%.


Tuna export to ASEAN market also witnessed a fall against the reviewed period of last year. Total tuna export turnover in ASEAN market reached nearly USD 4.2 million, down more than 13% on the same period of last year.


Thailand continued to be the biggest consumer for Vietnam's tuna in January 2016, recorded with USD 2.9 million, down 37% compared to last year's reviewed period.


Tuna export to Japan has continued its downward trend during January, reported with nearly USD 2 million, down more than 45% on the same period of 2015. Most of the tuna export categories to Japan market saw a decline, except for fresh and frozen tuna.


It is forecasted by VASEP that tuna export will thrive in the future, especially when the TPP takes effect.


Over the past years, most of TPP members are Vietnam's largest tuna consumers, notably, the US, Japan and Mexico are the key importers.


Once TPP is in its full swing, tariff on tuna export into the US would be removed immediately or by the third year since the effective date, excluding tariff on processed tuna, which will be cleared by the tenth year. For Japan market, canned tuna, fresh and frozen skipjack tuna and yellow fin tuna will enjoy the 0% tariff right after the TPP effective date;  tariff on fresh or frozen big eye tuna will gradually reduces to 0% by the eleventh year; fresh albacore tuna will have its tariff gradually reduced to 0% by the eleventh year and frozen albacore tuna will be tariff free by the sixth year. For Mexico market, processed tuna will be tariff free by the sixteenth year, however, the basic tariff will be applied during the first five years before it will be gradually cut back to 0%.

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