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Monday, 16 May 2016 14:02

VIETRADE - On 10 May 2016, the Government Minister provided guidance to the implementation of the key project under Vietnam rice brandname development Plan 2020, a vision to 2030.


According to that, the Minister agreed with the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to combine 5 key projects under the Plan stated at Chapter 5, Section III, Article 1 Decision no. 706/QD-TTg dated 21 May 2015 by the Government Minister into 1 general project called Vietnam rice brandname development and management project.


The project comprises of 5 components: Component 1: National rice brandname development and management; Component 2: National rice brandname development to some key rice products of Mekong river Delta; Component 3:  Vietnam rice brandname protection and support enterprises to register for rice brandname protection internationally, Component 4: Promote Vietnam rice brandname to manufacturers, businesses and consumers; Component 5: Export and market development for enterprises and products with Vietnam rice brandname.


The Government Minister assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to lead and coordinate with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment and related agencies and associations to develop budget estimation for the project implementation as regulated at Decision no. 706/QD-TTg dated 21 May 2015 by the Government Minister.


Besides, the Government Minister also requested relevant ministries, agencies and local areas for prompt and active actions to implement the content, solutions and missions of project implementation at Decision no. 706 /QD-TTg consistently and effectively. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for collecting the Plan implementing results and reporting to the Government Minister in Dec 2016.


Before that, in May last year, the Government Minister approved Vietnam rice brandname development plan 2020, a vision to 2030.


According to the viewpoint of the Plan, Vietnam rice brandname development will focuse on two areas: high quality and specialty rice segment are selected for exporting in order to enhance product competitiveness and value at high demanding market such as the US, EU and Japan…; and medium quality rice products (white rice, long grain) are selected to maintain and keep stable at traditional markets, using direct distribution channels to add value, strengthen and keep consumers’ confidence.


A common goal of the Plan is to develop Vietnam rice brandname to position Vietnam rice value and image, enhance Vietnam rice recognition by manufacturers, importers, distributors, domestic and foreign consumers, create foundation for market expansion, strengthening and value added, market share and competitiveness enhancement  for Vietnam rice products in international market. 


In specific, to successfully built Vietnam rice brandname attached with history, culture, traditions, product quality and advantages of Vietnam by 2020. Vietnam rice image to be promoted and widely introduced domestically and to at least 20 export markets … The national rice brandname is intellectual copyright protected by brandname registration in Vietnam and at least 50 countries. Regional and local rice brandname building and development at regions having large scale production capacity and quality that meets the demand of consuming markets. Organization of production, processing and distribution white rice products, perfumed rice, rice specialties to achieve 20% of rice export volume having Vietnam rice brandname and directly participating in the global value chain by 2020.


By 2030, Vietnam to successfully develop stable, effective and sustainable production regions for rice export which makes Vietnam rice become the world leading brandname in quality and food safety. Making efforts to achieve 50% of rice export volume having Vietnam rice brandname, of which 30% of total rice export volume is perfumed and specialty rice groups by 2020.

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