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Saturday, 28 May 2016 10:55

VIETRADE - On 26 May 2016, the Southwest Region Steering Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee of Hanoi organized a Conference “Fostering investment cooperation, trade and tourism promotion between Mekong Delta Region and Hanoi and Northern provinces”. The conference was attended by leaders of Ministries and sectors at central level, leaders of Hanoi and Mekong Delta provinces, etc., including Mr. Nguyen Cam Tu, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade.

Accelerating market development activities
During his presentation at the conference, the representative of Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Deputy Director General Do Kim Lang said: “With the guidance and a lot of attention of the Government, Ministries, sectors and provinces, along with efforts of Associations, industries and enterprise community, local and international market development activities of the agro-aquaculture industries of Vietnam have achieved encouraging results. In the past years, Vietnamese export agro-aquaculture products have made a significant contribution to the total national export turnover, enabling the stabilization of goods consumption and improvement in farmers’ income and living quality”.

Regarding market development activities, synchronous measures implemented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOIT) in 2015 and the first few months of 2016 such as accelerating negotiation on market access, lifting technical and commercial barriers, strengthening information provision, innovating and improving the effectiveness of trade promotion programs, focusing on domestic supply-demand linkage, etc. played an important role in sustaining and developing the consumption and export market for agro-aquaculture products, as well as directing the development of domestic production, including improvement of product quality, diversity of export products to better meet the market demand, especially markets with high quality requirement.

Given that Vietnam has recently signed and completed negotiations of a series of Free trade agreements, relevant Ministries and sectors, provinces, industry associations and enterprise community are required to have long-term strategies in finding solutions to the consumption and export of agro-aquaculture products. As the responsible agency in supporting and facilitating the export of commodities, MOIT always considers export market development activities as a key area to focus on in order to ensure employment and income of farmers, contributing to the stabilization of macro economy. For the upcoming time, MOIT will collaborate with relevant agencies to continue lifting commercial and technical barriers, diversifying and developing export market, providing the most favorable conditions for enterprises to promote the export of agro-aquaculture products.

Mr. Do Kim Lang, Deputy Director General of Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency

Mr. Lang emphasized that measures of developing the export market to focus on include negotiation on market access; information provision; lifting of technical and commercial barriers and difficulties; and trade promotion.


Deputy Director General of Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency also suggested that the following measures should be taken in order to develop domestic market: Firstly, supply-demand connecting activities should be actively organized to link agricultural, forestry and fishery production sites with distribution systems for close cooperation and linkage from ingredient sites to focal point markets and wholesale and retail distribution systems through a modern logistics and infrastructure system. Secondly, further activities should be implemented to create a stable supply through the Market Stabilization Program and the Campaign “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods”. Thirdly, communication activities should be strengthened in a timely and appropriate manner to ignite changes in enterprise activities, especially in the purchasing behavior of local consumers. Fourthly, focus should be on implementing the national trade promotion program, and fostering the product introduction and marketing. Fifthly, conferences on trade promotion of agricultural, forestry and fishery products should be hosted in provinces with large-scaled production sites. Finally, the model on agricultural product consumption and agricultural material supply should be replicated in accordance with the Decision No. 23/QĐ-TT.

By a close combination of expanding and diversifying export markets with promoting consumption in local markets, it is expected that the market of Vietnamese agricultural, forestry and fishery products in general and those of Mekong Delta region in particular will develop in a stable and sustainable manner, ensuring employment and income for farmers, contributing to the stabilization of macro economy in the future.

Strengthen supply-demand connection between provinces
At the Conference “Fostering investment cooperation, trade and tourism promotion between Mekong Delta Region and Hanoi and Northern provinces”, Hanoi and 13 Mekong Delta provinces/cities introduced their potential and strong commercial and tourism products as well as discussed approaches to strengthen the supply - demand linkage of goods and tourism between provinces. In the past years, the investment and trade promotion, market expansion activities between the two regions have not been much effective. Accordingly, there are few manufacturers and big enterprises to be the focal points to purchase goods from farmers in the provinces. Hence, when there is a big demand of good quality and unified products from Hanoi, provinces find it difficult to meet that demand. Various goods and agricultural products do not meet requirements on registration, quality verification, payment method, product packaging, collection, storage, and transport, etc.

In the near future, both regions will frequently exchange information, boost trade activities, invest in and support enterprises to do marketing, expand their distribution and consumption system, and collaborate with each other in tourism marketing. Mekong Delta provinces call for investment from Hanoi enterprises in more than 100 important projects in the region.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Viet, Vice Chairman of the Southwest Region Steering Committee indicated that Mekong Delta region has great development potentials, producing more than 90% of rice, 70% of fruit, and 60% of fishery products for the country’s import yields. The investment cooperation between Mekong Delta region, Hanoi and Northern provinces will benefit all provinces.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Vice Minister of Planning and Investment affirmed: “Currently, Ministry of Planning and Investment has collaborated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to call for more foreign investments in this region. On the other hand, we will also continue to do more research to finalize the decision regarding the issuance of special and encouraging mechanisms and policies for development towards 2020 to submit to the Government for approval, focusing on promotion of FDI investments, infrastructure development, etc.

At the end of the Conference, Hanoi People’s Committee and the Southwest Region Steering Committee signed six investment cooperation, trade and tourism promotion agreements. In particular, the two regions will work with each other, exchange a list of prioritized investment fields, call for investments in construction and infrastructure exploitation; issue mechanisms and policies supporting enterprises to boost consumption of Mekong Delta products in Hanoi’s distribution systems, establishing a sustainable product consumption chain. They will also share information and experiences in production and trade; strengthen the introduction and marketing of regional specialties, etc. For tourism, the two regions will develop programs for inter-regional tours promoting both local and international tourism.


13 provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta Region play an important role in economic development of Viet Nam. This is also a potential and key area for agro-aquaculture production and export of the country and agriculture always plays a crucial role in ensuring social security and living quality of farmers in the region.

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