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Friday, 06 October 2017 14:31

VIETRADE With a current monthly import-export revenue of more than US$30 billion,Vietnam is well on track to reach a record value of US$400 billion in the whole year of 2017.


Statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs showed out that the country’s trade value hit US$37.6 billion in September, the modest reduction of 1% from August.


During the month, export revenue dropped 4 % to US$19 billion while imports saw a slight rise of 2.3% to US$18.6 billion. That resulted in a trade surplus of US$400 million.

In overall, total import-export value was worth US$308.51 billion in the first nine months of this year, up 21.4% from last year, according to the data.


Export revenue contributed to US$154.03 billion, surging 19.8% year-on-year. Of which, the domestic sector gained US$43.2 billion, up 16.8% and the foreign-invested sector raked US$110.8 billion, an increase of 21%.


Among several key export items maintaining their upward trend in the first nine months of 2017, included telephone and components with US$30.99 billion, up 21.4%; textiles and garments (US$19.26 billion, up 8.6%); computers, electronics and components (US$18.46 billion, up 40.8%) beside to footwear (US$10.6 billion, up 12.7%) and machines, equipment and parts (US$9.33 billion, up 30.1%).


Other major staples with positive export revenues were timber products with US$5.53 billion, up 11%; seafood (US$5.96 billion, up19.2%); means of transport (US$5.1 billion, up 15.8%), coffee (US$2.55 billion, up 1.3%) and crude oil (US$2.27 billion, up 33.4%).


Meanwhile, the nine-month import value amounted to US$154.48 billion, representing a yearly increase 23.1%. Of which, the domestic economic sector contributed US$61.3 billion, up 18,7% while the foreign-invested made up US$93.2 billion, an increase of over 26%.


Major products which recorded strong import value in the period included computers, electronics and components with US$25.84 billion, up 28.3%; machines, equipment and parts (US$27.02 billion, up 33%); cloths (US$8.25 billion, up 8.7%); telephone and components (US$10.65 billion, up 41.3%) in addition to steel (US$6.81 billion, up 16.1%) and plastic (US$5.43 billion, up 21.4%).


In overall, from January to September, the trade deficit was at US$442 million, of which the domestic sector made up a trade deficit of over US$18 billion, while the foreign-invested sector enjoyed trade surplus of US$17.64 billion.


Notably, that the trade deficit from the Republic of Korea in 9 months amounted to US$23.3 billion, an increase of 57.7% over the same period of 2016, followed by trade deficit from China at US$19.7 billion, down 5.6% and trade deficit from ASEAN bloc at US$4.6 billion./.

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